Jun 17, 2007

'Censors end' drag Begum Nawazish Ali Show

Pakistan's first and only television chat show hosted by a transvestite is being taken off air after falling foul of the state censor, the host says.

Ali Saleem, who dresses up as Begum Nawazish Ali for the show, said its last broadcast will be on 1 July.

The popular late night programme features politicians and celebrities in frank conversations.

It is believed to have aggravated feelings in the army with its remarks about the military.

Referring to pressure from the censors, Ali Saleem told the BBC: "My show was being slaughtered and the channel was helpless to do anything about it."

He said that some members of the army were particularly offended that the character of Begum Nawazish Ali is supposed to be the widow of an army colonel.

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