Feb 25, 2008

Blue O2 - 3 column XML Template for Blogger

Hello everyone.Here i am again with another template.This time its a beautiful trendy Web 2.0 template.Again this O2 Blogger Template is originally a wordpress theme created by Eches,which is converted to a xml blogger template by blog and web, this template is now ready for blogger template.Its blue scheme & Web 2.0 Rounded corners look extremely beautiful.Here is a photo of this beautiful template.Take a look.

Click to Enlarge

It has blue theme with three sided columns. In the top header part you’ll find blog name and badge.Do try it.It really looks nice when you use it on your blog.Trust me!!

Download : Xml | Zip

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Feb 22, 2008

Convert PDF to Word, RTF,HTML,Text & TXT files - PDF Ripper

Hello Everyone.Almost everyone of us have used Pdf files.Pdf or Portable Document Format is the file format created by Adobe Systems in 1993 for document exchange. PDF is fixed-layout document format.It is independent of the application software, hardware, and operating system.We require a Pdf reader to read the Pdf files.But most of the time there are a lot of images, text, chart, formula, vector drawings present in it.If we want to use these images,charts & drawings in a Html file we can't do it directly.So we use a software to convert the whole Pdf document into Html file.

PDF Ripper is efficient software to extract image, text, chart, formula, vector drawings from Adobe PDF files. With this program, you can easily collect materials from existing PDF documents, and save them into HTML format, RTF format and plain text format. If you are looking for a converter program to convert PDF to Word, PDF to RTF, PDF to HTML, PDF to Text with a minimum loss of information while preserving the layout and graphics of the original PDF documents, you shouldn't miss PDF Ripper.

PDF Ripper does not requires Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Word, since it is standalone.If you want to donwload this software you can download it from here.

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Feb 21, 2008

Open Excel 2007 Files without Microsoft Office

Hello everyone.I hope most most of you have worked on Microsoft Excel 2007.It can open both XLSX & XLS files.On the other hand if you are using an older version of Excel it won't open XLSX files.And in another condition if you have any of these files & you don't have Microsoft Office then you will not be able to open those files.Here is a solution to open both XLSX & XLS files without Microsoft Office. It is called Microsoft Excel 2007 viewer.It has just added support for XLSX files.You will be able to view as well as print the spreadsheets with the Help of Microsoft Excel 2007 viewer.If you want to download it you can download it from this download center .

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Feb 18, 2008

Two Column Xml Mush Blue Blogger Template

Hello everyone.This Sunday i am posting another Xml blogger template.It is called the Mush Blue Blogger Template.Which is converted to Xml by Jacky Supit of Jackbook.Actually this template was originally created by Mukka-mu as a WordPress theme but it was converted Xml Blogger template after its popularity.Here is a picture preview of this two column beautiful dark template.

Click Here To Enlarge

The header tabs in this template are dynamic and will show up once you edit the link widget.You don’t need to add a 'Home' tab since it will automatically appear once you add a new tab. You can Add as many tabs as you want and link them to wherever you like.Make sure you change it to : “Tuesday, January 25,2008″.

Download : Xml | Zip

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Feb 13, 2008

MY Interview By "The Pakistan Spectator"

Hello Everyone.The Pakistan Spectator is carrying out interviews in the Pakistani Blogosphere.In the same way they got me interviewed.

Would you please tell us something about you?

My Name is Saim Baig & i am the person Behind the blog known as “Saim’s Blog” since March 2007.I am 21 years old & doing my B.s in Electronics From SSUET Karachi.I love being on internet,this could be one reason that triggered the blogger inside me.

Could you tell us what made you decide to blog?

I started blogging during the days when “Blogspot” aka Blogger was blocked in Pakistan.It was during those days that i found that a blog is a easy way to communicate over the web & express your views over several issues.I then became a part of “Don’t Block The Blog” campaign.And after that started regular Blogging.

What do you think sets Your blog apart from other blogs?

Saim’s Blog is about what i feel about the world around me.I love being on Computer so most of the time you can find me posting about technology,Internet & computer.Sometimes politics as well,because as i said its just about what i feel about the things happening around me.And most of the time my readers agree with me.On the other hand there are very few Technology blogs in the Pakistani Blogosphere.That makes me one of few.

If you could choose one characteristic you have that brought you success, what would it be?

I say if you are loyal to your work you will always have success.People only trust you when they think that you are loyal towards them.

What was the happiest and gloomiest moment of your life?

When Pakistan Won the 1992 Cricket world cup.

If you could pick a travel destination, anywhere in the world, with no worries about how it’s paid for - what would your top 3 choices be?

I will go to

1.Saudia Arabia

What is your favorite book and why?

Its Pride and Prejudice written by Jane Austen.

What’s the first thing you notice about a person (whether you know them or not)?

I always keep my eye on behavior & language.

Do you think Pakistani politicians could benefit from the social networks and things like twitter?

Pakistani politicians don’t care about anything other then their own interests.Twitter is an other thing, i doubt majority of them don’t even have an email account.But yes if they want social networking can play a vital role in their campaigns.It would let them communicate to youth.

How Pakistani bloggers can benefit from blogs financially?

Its easy these days to get registers to programs like Google adsense & others.But in my opinion content remains the key.You must be runnning a successful blog in order to earn from it.

Do you think Pakistani bloggers tend to remain somewhat self-centered and really don’t go out of their shells? Is it the oriental style of blogging, or they are still unsure about it?

I think people are still very much unsure about things that they can do when they blog.Pakistani bloggers should think big.Also try to blog on international issues that would give them exposure to the Blogosphere.

Is it true that who has a successful blog has an awful lot of time on their hands?

Not really.It takes me about 15 to 20 minutes post an entry.

What are your thoughts on corporate blogs and what do you think the biggest advantages and disadvantages are?

Corporate blogs mostly have tasks which are targeted towards finance.It destroys the Beauty of blogging.

Does it pain you or proud you that we have made a history by electing a uniform general as our president?

I feel very ashamed of my self when i see such things happening in Pakistan.And i think its because of some selfish people who always support the Generals.If these people take a stand against the General at that time,dictatorship will end from Pakistan once & for ever.

Do you think this whole emphasis on blogs and whatever online is a significant indicator to show that the web, the social web, is becoming a very important social force?

The web has totally changed after the success of Social web.Yes i think it is becoming a social force.Now just look around and you will see American Presidential campaign on Youtube.I think this is the easiest & the biggest example i can give.

What do you think where the Pakistani blogosphere is right now?

Pakistani Blogosphere is evolving.I must say Pakistani bloggers take a better start then other regional bloggers.Every kind of blogs are coming through.And there are some very Good ones too.

Who are your top five favourite bloggers in Pakisan?


Have you ever become stunned by the uniqueness of any blogger in Pakistani blogosphere?

I was shocked by the guts of Dr. Awab Alvi.(Teeth Maestro).How clearly this man writes anti-Government Stuff.He needs no introduction as he is the best of the lot.

What is the future of blogging in Pakistan?

Blogging in Pakistan has a very bright future,If the new comers strictly follow the ethics of blogging.

In political respect, can we say blogging a ‘democracy of message’?

Surly we can.After all Its all about the freedom of speech.

Can Pakistani blogosphere play any notable role in the forthcoming elections, if they happen at all?

Defiantly.These days as soon as any news breaks it appears in the Pakistani Blogosphere.So in the forthcoming elections i am really looking forward to see some reliable coverage on Pakistani Blogosphere.

You have also got a blogging life, how has it directly affected both your personal and professional life?

Not really.But i have met some people who were very glad to see me as the man Behind “Saim’s Blog”

What are your future plans?

I am looking forward to complete my B.S in Electronics.But i will be blogging regularly even if make my mark somewhere.

Feb 12, 2008

Generate Free Web 2.0 Logos Online - Logo Generador

Hello Everyone.Designing & making logos for different purposes is a very interesting thing to do.It can be done with several softwares.Like adobe Photoshop & many others.Simple logos are getting outdated with the arrival of Web 2.0 .The rounded corners & beautiful fonts are quite attractive to look.But making a Web 2.0 logo is a bit tricky.But there is a easy way too.

Click To Enlarge

With Logo Generador we can create these Web 2.0 logos with ease.It has 10 selections available.You just have to Select one of them & write the text and thats it.You will get you Free Web 2.0 Logo online.If you want to try it please proceed to Logo Generador site.
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Feb 10, 2008

New Fangled 3 column XML Template for Blogger

Newfangled is a new sleek, neat and clean, 3 column, beautiful WordPress theme which is converted to a xml blogger beta template with a left sidebar and a right sidebar, by Teams.All-purpose template with a professional Web 2.0 look.I have done some modifications to this template.Such as section targeting for Better adsense experience.

Click To Enlarge.

And the second modification is the installation of Add This social Bookmarking Widget.Its colorful and very functional Blogger template with 3 columns and tabs built in along the top. It’s a template with a rounded header and page elements making this a Web 2.0 template .Like this post? Subscribe to this blog for more.

Download : Xml | Zip.

Feb 6, 2008

Automatically Display the Lyrics of the Song - Lyrics Plugin

I know many of you are music fans.I am a big music fan too.But sometimes i really want the lyric of the song too.There are several websites available over the internet from which we can get the lyrics of the required song.But there is an easy way to get the lyrics of your favorite song.Its a plugin which is know as "Lyrics plugin".Lyrics Plugin is a piece of software tailored for music fans. To put it simply - it is an add-on to view lyrics in WinAmp or Windows Media Player.

No more searching for lyrics. Just start listening to your favourite songs and lyrics will be displayed automatically. Oh, and if lyrics is not found, you can add it yourself.For download please proceed to Lyrics Plugin.And don't forget to Subscribe to this blog.

Feb 2, 2008

Remote Pc Access & Share Desktop - Team Viewer

Hello Everyone.
There are many ways of sharing desktop & allowing others to access your PC.But this software which is named TeamViewer is a fast, simple and friendly solution for remote access over the Internet.All applications in one single, very affordable module.It will Instantly take control over a computer anywhere on the Internet, even through firewalls.No installation required, just use it fast and secure.

It enables us to Share files, chat, switch the direction during a teamwork session, and a lot more is included in TeamViewer.TeamViewer is not only compatible with Windows Vista, but is even able to remotely control applications in Vista Secure Desktop (UAC).For Further information please proceed to Team Viewer website .

Feb 1, 2008

Create Vista Style Drive Icons in Windows XP

Hello everyone, Windows Vista has a very good feature that enables us to check the drive usage, so you can visually see at a glance how much space is used & how much is free.These icons look very identical to the ones in Windows Vista, but the more interesting addition is the new bar under the icon that gives you a tiny graph of the current drive space.
Here are some features that will be present in this update

  1. The graph will show up on most of the icon sizes other than the details view.
  2. When your drive is running low on space the graph will turn red to indicate that you should probably stop downloading so much.
  3. It really doesn't use all that much memory.
I say its a nice little software that is useful in my opinion.If you Want to download it you can download it from here.