Feb 18, 2008

Two Column Xml Mush Blue Blogger Template

Hello everyone.This Sunday i am posting another Xml blogger template.It is called the Mush Blue Blogger Template.Which is converted to Xml by Jacky Supit of Jackbook.Actually this template was originally created by Mukka-mu as a WordPress theme but it was converted Xml Blogger template after its popularity.Here is a picture preview of this two column beautiful dark template.

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The header tabs in this template are dynamic and will show up once you edit the link widget.You don’t need to add a 'Home' tab since it will automatically appear once you add a new tab. You can Add as many tabs as you want and link them to wherever you like.Make sure you change it to : “Tuesday, January 25,2008″.

Download : Xml | Zip

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  1. Template is cool but changing to a new skin has been really troublesome in blogger.com. Once I lost all my widgets when i tried to change my blogger skin and i had to literally build it from scratch. For some moments, I thought that all my hardwork had gone for a toss. If you look at my http://rattlerlakshmi.blogspot.com site, that is the template that I will continue to use forever :) as I dont want to take any more chances lol.. Anyway I came by to thank you for dropping by my site. Cheers!

  2. If you have that problem then i have a simple solution for you.You Must backup your template before trying the next one.If you don't like the template use the previous one.If you want to save your widgets i will post about that too.

  3. You are mistaken. I had so much of problems despite my backup. Blogger had some issue and it did not let me restore.

  4. Yes it sometimes happens with Blogger.com.There is a way to still restore your widgets if you want to use them in your present Template.You must have a backup of your previous template.

  5. Cool template.Thanx for sharing.