Dec 9, 2008

Download IndigoRose AutoPlay Media Studio 7

Create your own custom autorun menus, interactive presentations, multimedia applications, and custom software in just minutes. Use your favorite content such as images, music, video, flash, text, and more, and simply drag n' drop your way to amazing projects. To help you get started quickly we provide extra resources including video training, professional content add-ons, an online user forum, and much more! Even if you have no programming experience you can create your own custom software - with comparable features and performance to software products built by professional programmers using C++/Java. AutoPlay Media Studio is a full blown rapid application development platform with a wide selection of options and support for most popular technologies. Owning AutoPlay Media Studio is like having your own professional software programmer on call 24/7.

Features of AutoPlay Media Studio
AutoPlay Media Studio 7.0 makes it easy to create your own interactive multimedia software. Even if you’re not a "programmer", you'll be creating professional projects in no time. It’s all done in a completely visual, drag-and-drop design environment. From images, text and music to video, drop-down lists and web content, you simply move things into place using your mouse. Then, you can add powerful interactivity with a built-in library of more than 640 easy to use actions.

Whether you're a complete novice or a seasoned programmer used to working with Microsoft Visual Basic, Macromedia Director, Microsoft Visual C++ or Borland Delphi, you'll find that AutoPlay Media Studio 7.0 deserves a place in your toolbox. It's perfect for making autorun CD/DVD’s, software installer menus, electronic business cards, training material and just about any other interactive multimedia project you can think of!

• 640+ actions
• 10 quick actions
• Multiple audio channels
• Support for action plugins
• Support for object plugins
• Seventeen built-in objects
• Resizable application-window and object positioning support
• 2500 pages per project
• System language detection for multilingual applications
• On Timer, On FSCommand (Flash), On Key, and On Size events
• Application version detection (dependencies)
• Built-in CD/DVD burning


Reshade your Images - Reshade Image Enlarger v1.51

Reshade offers the highest quality photo enlargement available for your computer. Resize images without the usual blur, jagged edges, halos, loss of sharpness or detail associated with image enlargement. Create accurate, crisp clear and photorealistic enlargements at almost any zoom factor.

Easy-to-use self-adjusting settings, quick previews, keyboard shortcuts and drag-and-drop functionality make the Reshade photo enlargement application the perfect choice for beginners and experts alike. Resize images in many file formats including jpeg, tiff, png, bmp. Adjusting your images for print is easy, Reshade includes support for most image modes including CMYK.

Key Features
* Get crisp, clear edges at almost any zoom level
* Remove blur and refocus image edges
* Contrast and enhance image features
* Easily remove photo defects
* Go from smooth to precise contours
* Make selective edge transformations
* Extract even the finest details from your photos
* Get best color estimation with a little more processing time
* Choose between speed or better edge quality
* Enlarge images over 20x maintaining contour definition

Who Needs Reshade Image Enlarger
* Professional photographers creating gallery prints from digital photos captured with high-end cameras, having perfect focus and adequate noise levels
* Amateur photographers making posters from their favourite photos taken with low-end or camera phones having slight focus problems
* Web designers in need of resizing online graphics such as logos, illustrations, banners, drawings, diagrams
* Scientists requiring image scaling without any detail loss uses in space technology, security, medical, forensics and other applications
* Traditional art lovers taking advantage of the digital medium enlarge scans, paintings or old photos for digital storage and high resolution printing


Dec 1, 2008

Change the Audio of Your YouTube Video - Audio Swap

Whenever you Go to YouTube and you can see a drop down menu at the top right that says 'Account'. Click the drop down and you'll see a list of your videos.

Under your each particular video, you'll see a button called Audio Swap,Click that button

Now You will come to a screen with several selections of music choices. Select any one that interests you, and click 'Preview' under Step 2 on the right side of the screen. Do this for each of your selected song choices.

When you find a song that you are happy with, click publish. Your current song will be swapped with your new selection.

As simple as that.Your videos audio has been swapped by a song of your selection.

Download PE Explorer 1.99 R5

PE Explorer provides powerful tools for disassembly and inspection of unknown binaries, modifying the properties of executable files and customizing and translating their resources. Use this product to do reverse engineering, analyze the procedures and libraries an executable uses.

Designed for inspection and editing of Windows executable files, PE Explorer offers powerful static analysis and editing tools for working with EXE, DLL, ActiveX controls, and other executable file formats that run on MS Windows 32-bit platforms.

Whether you are an advanced computer user just wondered what makes an executable file tick, or software developer suffered from hard-to-find program bugs, PE Explorer is the software solution that will make it easy to find the answers.

All the Tools You Need in One Interface:

* See what's inside an executable.
* Customize GUI elements of your favorite Windows programs.
* Track down what a program accesses and which DLLs are called.
* Understand the way a program works and interacts.
* Validate the identity of the software publisher.
* Special support for Delphi applications.
* Open UPX-, Upack- and NsPack-compressed files seamlessly in PE Explorer, without long workarounds.


Download WinUtilities v6.2.20080924

WinUtilities is an award winning collection of tools to optimize and speedup your system performance. This suite contains utilities to clean registry, temporary files on your disks, erase your application and internet browser history, cache and cookies. you can control startup programs that load automatically with windows, find duplicate files, fix broken shortcuts and uninstall unneeded software. other features include secure file deletion, recycle bin shredding, cleaning tasks scheduling and undelete deleted files.

Built-in Tools:
- File Undelete
- Disk Cleaner
- Registry Cleaner
- Startup Cleaner
- History Cleaner
- File Splitter
- File Shredder
- EXE Protector
- Memory Optimizer
- Duplicate Files Finder
- Shortcuts Fixer
- Process Manager
- Uninstall Manager
- System Information
- Registry Backup&Restore
- Registry Search
- BHO Remover
- Auto Shutdown
- Windows Tools
- System Control
- Task Scheduler

What's New in WinUtilities 6.2:
* Added a new One-Click maintenance module
* Added Internet & Network optimization function
* File Recovery module supports NTFS/FAT32/FAT file undeleting
* Improved Registry Cleaner module
* Improved History Cleaner module
* Added support for Windows XP SP-3, Windows Vista 32 bit and 64 bit system
* Minor bug fixes

OC: Windows Vista, 95, NT4, 98, Me, 2000, XP, 2003 Server


Nov 7, 2008

Easily Organizing Your Pictures - Ashampoo Photo Commander 6.21

Ashampoo Photo Commander 6 is a perfect example of a new generation of programs that are genuinely intuitive easy to use. It makes organizing your pictures and getting them to look great as simple as pressing the button on your camera. You’ll save time, have a barrel of fun and your friends and family will be really impressed.
Ashampoo Photo Commander makes managing and organizing even the largest collections of digital photos easy. Its powerful integrated photo editing tools make it a one-stop solution. Instead of switching to a graphics application you can do all your adjustments and enhancements directly in the organizer. Remove the red-eye effect, adjust colors, contrast, hue and many other parameters, resize, crop, rotate, add a wide range of special effects and more. All without leaving the program.

Almost everything is done with a couple of clicks – adding picture frames, correcting your photos, making greeting cards, collages and slide shows, sharing your pictures on CDs/DVDs or your website and much more.
Ashampoo Photo Commander 6 is a one-stop solution. You organize and view your photo collection, edit and enhance your photos and use creative editing and project tools all in a single program. And it also manages your audio and video files!

New highlights in version 6:
Intuitive new interface
The new tabbed ribbon-style interface puts all the functions at your fingertips. You can always see what functions are available and everything is so self-explanatory you will probably never need to consult the manual. Includes elegant Vista-style buttons in Windows XP and very cool transition effects when you switch between photos in full-screen editing mode.
Quick-Fix Tools
All the common operations you need to perform on your photos are now available in the Quick-Fix Tools tab: One-click color and contrast optimization, photo straightening (if the camera wasn’t straight), red eye correction, cropping, rotating and more – all with a couple of clicks.
Editable objects
You can add additional photos, text boxes, geometric shapes, arrows and more to your images. And now you can save them in a new file format that lets you go back again edit the objects again later without having to start right from the beginning.
Powerful new screen capture functions
The screen capture function now uses the latest technology from Ashampoo’s award-winning Magical Snap 2. It includes full support for capturing Windows Vista’s transparent Aero Glass effects and capturing on multi-monitor systems. You can also capture free-style shapes as well as the standard rectangular objects and fixed shapes, and apply cool drop shadow, edge and shape effects automatically while capturing.
Quick 5-star rating system
Every photo displayed in the Organizer has a line of 5 stars under it. To rate your photo you just click for between 1 and 5 stars. You can then sort by star ratings to quickly find your favorite photos.
Emailing multiple photos and movies
Now you can email multiple photos in a single PDF file, which many people like a lot more than mails with a whole list of separate photo attachments. You can also press Ctrl+E to mail one or more photos or other media files quickly. And of course Photo Commander will resize your pictures for you to make them easier to send.

New features at a glance:
* New interface: Ribbon style tabbed interface with Vista style buttons on XP
* Adjustable dialog box sizes: user settings are saved
* Quick-Fix Tools: All common operations with a couple of clicks
* Editable objects: New file format stores objects you add on editable layers
* Unlimited Undo/Redo: For all changes
* Browser EXIF mode: Shows all the photo’s EXIF/IPTC information directly under the picture
* Quick 5-star ratings: Just click to rate photos with 1-5 stars, supports sorting by rating
* Enhanced thumbnails: Better looking thumbnails stored with lossless compression
* Enhanced searching: In subfolders and by EXIF and IPTC data
* New screen capture technology: Capture free-style shapes, Vista Aero Glass effects and more, full multi-monitor support
* Improved Wizards: Wizards guide you through procedures with a clearer, even more intuitive layout
* Email to PDF: Mail multiple images in a single PDF file
* Batch optimization: Apply the new One-Click Optimization tool to all your selected photos in one quick and easy process
* Slide shows with audio: Add more than one audio track to your slide shows
* JPEG-XR support: The program supports the new Windows HD Photo format

Other great Photo Commander 6 features:
* CD/DVD burning tools: Burn your photos and slide shows directly to CDs and DVDs without leaving the program.
* Batch processing: Convert multiple photos to other formats and apply effects, all at the same time. Saves hours of tedious work.
* Slide shows: On your computer or on CDs and DVDs, with cool transitions and background music.
* Web albums: Post your best photos on your website, just choose them, generate the album and upload.
* Save as PDF: Save single or multiple photos to PDF files.
* Full-screen editing: Edit photos on your entire screen with the unique Mouse Tools.
* Merge images: Merge multiple images to create special effects.
* Collages, calendars, greeting cards, photo frames, collages: Build them all from your photos with a few clicks – being creative has never been so easy!
* Plugins: Extend the program’s capabilities with plugins – for example for special file formats.
* Skins: Change the program’s appearance with downloadable skins or design your own.
* Audio and video: Manage and view all your media files and create playlists.
* Supported formats: Over 60 photo, video and audio formats are supported, including transparent JPEG the new Windows HD Photo format.

You Can Download this Software from its Download Page.

Recover Deleted or Lost Partition - Partition Find & Mount v2.31

Partition Find & Mount implements a new concept of deleted or lost partition recovery. It works in the most convenient way possible — by locating and mounting partitions into the system, thus making those lost partitions available to you like any generic disk volume. Partition Find & Mount will also work in case any Boot Record (including the Master Boot Record) is missing, damaged or overwritten.

Partition Find & Mount is:
-- Easy to use. You do not need special knowledge to use the software.
-- Safe to your data. There is no possible way you could get things worse.

Professional version of Find and Mount has no speed limitations and is allowed to be used for commercial needs, for example, in a data recovery business.

>> Master Boot Record

Master Boot Record is a hidden area on your hard drive that contains all information about disk partitions (sometimes also called volumes or logical drives). If it gets erased or damaged, you may completely lose access to your data.

Lost or deleted partitions can be found with Partition Find and Mount. In the easiest case, if MBR is the only structure that is corrupted, it will take just a second for Partitions Find & Mount to find all partitions!

After partitions are found, you can mount them to the system, making them visible as usual read-only disk volumes.

You can download this Software from its download page.

Nov 4, 2008

Create & Play High Quality DivX Videos - Download DivX

DivX package for Windows includes utilities, and documentation that you need to play DivX files, the DivX Pro Codec, DivX Player, DivX Web Player and the DivX Converter, providing all you need to create, play, manage and burn DivX videos.
The most advanced version of DivX® video compression technology, the DivX codec includes a suite of powerful encoding tools enabling the highest levels of visual quality, compression and control. DivX Pro plugs into your video software to produce high-quality movies (at one-tenth the size of a DVD) for viewing on your PC or, with DivX® Certified DVD players, right on your TV.

DivX for Windows is the DivX Codec an advanced digital video codec (coder/decoder) that plugs into popular video software applications. This codec can reduce an MPEG-2 video (DVD format) to ten percent of its original size. DivX is a digital video compression technology based on the ISO MPEG-4 standard. When used in combination with your existing video software, DivX Pro allows you to create and play high-quality DivX videos and provides playback support for interactive video menus, subtitles, alternate audio tracks and more. DivX technology can compress digital videos 5 to 10 times more than the MPEG-2/DVD format and hundreds of times over raw digital video.

The DivX Converter will allow users to easily convert videos to DivX in one easy step. Simply drag videos onto the DivX Converter and click 'convert.' Videos created with the DivX Converter will play back on millions of certified devices.

The DivX Player lets you play all DivX videos. This includes every version of DivX video; even purchased or rented DivX movies, DivX HD files, and videos created with advanced features such as menus, subtitles and more. The DivX Player for Windows also lets you create playlists, manage video collections, burn discs and activate DivX certified devices.

The DivX Web Player is a versatile utility that allows you to watch DivX videos from within your web browser and embed DivX videos directly on to a web page or social networking profile.

New features of DivX Player:
* Download manager - This new feature lets you queue up multiple videos, pause and resume downloads, and progressively play back videos during the download process. You can also add URLs of DivX videos hosted online to the DivX Player for automatic downloading.
* Media manager - You can now organize your DivX videos easier than ever before.
* Playlists - Thanks to added support for video playlists, you can now queue videos in a list and play through them sequentially
* Burn to disc - Drag and burn multiple DivX videos to CD/DVD from within the player for playback on certified devices. Burn, baby, burn!!
* User account management - It's now easy to activate and manage certified devices including DVD players, portable media players and more from within the DivX Player interface.

=== This DivX package includes ===

DivX Codec (6.8.4):
* Play and create DivX video files with 3rd party applications
* Encode videos at resolutions up to 1080p
* Enjoy smooth playback of HD video

DivX Player (6.8.2):
* Play every DivX file ever created (just not all at once)
* Optimized for DivX HD and interactive DivX media files
* Ear drum rocking surround sound
* Upload videos directly to DivX Stage6

DivX Converter (6.6.1) (including the MPEG-2/DVD plug-in) :
* Drag and drop your videos into DivX video in one step
* Create videos with menus, subtitles and other advanced features
* Batch convert multiple files into DivX video
* Create DivX videos to play on more than 90 million DivX Certified devices

DivX Web Player (1.4):
* Play DivX video in your web browser
* Post DivX videos directly on a web page
* Experience cinema-style PC viewing with the desktop dimmer
* Watch DivX videos with subtitles and multiple audio tracks

To download this Software please proceed to its Download Page.

Oct 14, 2008

Repair Your MEdia Files - ASF-AVI-RM-WMV Repair v1.82

Do you bother with your movie files download from internet that can't be played or seeked(fast forwarded)?

Our ASF-AVI-RM-WMV Repair is easy solution. with our AVI-ASF-RM-WMV Repair, you can repair/fix video files that can't be played or dragged the silder control of the video player freely, it supports fix AVI, divx, xvid, rm, rmvb, asf, wmv, wma, ac3 files. it is easy and fast. The fixed file will be saved as a new file, so you won't risk to damage your original file.

* Support fix / repair AVI, divx, xvid, MPEG-4 files.
* Support fix / repair rm, rmvb
* Support fix / repair ASF, WMV, WMA files.
* Support fix / repair AC3 files.
* Very easy and fast
* Very Very User-friendly interface

You can Download its Trail Version From Here

Your 1-click solutions for DVDs - ZC DVD Creator Platinum 6.2.3

ZC DVD Creator Platinum is a simple DVD creator software package that can convert almost any video source to burn DVD directly without having to first store it on a hard drive. It has a gallery with many Hollywood-style DVD menus templates for users to choose or users can customize their own menu templates that will match your style and give your movie a polished look!. It will edit, author and burn all DVD formats, so that the end product is readily shareable in consumer players. With ZC DVD Creator Platinum, you can run your creativity and personalize your DVDs easily!

You can download the trial version From its Homepage

Oct 10, 2008

Repair Windows Registry - Registry Repair Wizard 2009 Build 6.00

Registry Repair Wizard scans the Windows registry and finds incorrect or obsolete information in the registry. By repairing these obsolete information in Windows registry, your system will run faster and error free. The backup/restore function of the tool let you backup your whole Windows Registry so you can use it to restore the registry to the current status in case you encounter some system failure. Besides above, the startup and BHO organizer feature let you manage your startup and IE BHO items with ease, and you can control the programs started with Windows and IE more handy with this feature! In short, Registry Repair Wizard help you get rid of the bloat in Windows registry and achieve a cleaner, faster system.
Boost System Performance with Registry Repair Wizard 2009
The Windows registry is a database repository for information about a computer's configuration. The registry keep growing when you use Windows. As it does so, it attracts obsolete and unnecessary information, and gradually becomes cluttered and fragmented. With the growing of the registry, it can degrade the performance of the whole system and cause many weird software problems.

Repair and Clean Windows Registry
Registry Repair Wizard not only cleans, but also organizes and streamlines your system registry, unclogging the gunk that life online leaves behind...

Full Windows Registry Backup and Restore
The full registry backup and restore feature let you backup the whole Windows registry and you can use it to restore your system to the previous state in case of any system failure...

Defeat Internet Explorer Hijack and Homepage Hijack
IE guard feature will defeat any browser hijack and homepage hijack problem by spyware and adware programs...

Fully Compatible with Windows Vista and XP
Registry Repair Wizard is fully compatible with Windows Vista (both x86 and x64 version of Vista). Our product support Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, ME and Windows 98.

Registry Repair Wizard Features:
• Automatic Registry Scanning and Cleanup
• Backup and Restore the full Registry
• Startup Organizer
• IE BHO Organizer
• Improve system performance
• Remove Trojan which utilize startup items and IE BHO

You can download it from its Download Page.

Find & Remove Duplicate Files On Your Pc - Moleskinsoft Clone Remover v3.2

Duplicate File Finder Software (images, mp3, iTunes)

Moleskinsoft's Clone Remover is an award-winning small shareware utility to find duplicate files and to remove duplicate files on Windows.
It will help you to search for and delete duplicate data in a safe way on your PC or laptop, (including .RAR and .ZIP archives), for example, photo files, music (mp3) files, excel, etc.

Five ways to search for duplicate files:

1. Search by contents – files may have different names, but similar content. For example, a duplicate photo or music file can be located both in the "C:\My Pictures\photos\" and "D:\Temporary files\" folders. The file names can also be different.
2. Search by mp3 title – you can use this method when you want to get more disk space removing duplicate mp3 files. You may know that an mp3 file (e.g., in iTunes library, iPod duplicates) contains information about the track title, artist and album. Search by mp3 titles uses exactly this data.
3. Search by properties – you can find duplicate files by name and/or file size as well.
4. Similar images (to remove duplicate pictures). Similar images are images (.jpg, .bmp, .png, .psd and others) that differ in resolution. Or that have the same size, but one of them has a small caption and the other does not.
5. Files with a zero size

Version 3.2
1. Now you can find out the reasons of why duplicate files are not removed.

PLATFORM: Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista

You can download its trial Version From Here

Oct 9, 2008

Protect Your Desktop With Shadow Defender

Shadow Defender is an easy-to-use desktop security and privacy protection tool for Windows operating systems. It provides an excellent way to prevent unwanted or malicious changes from being made to a PC. With Shadow Defender you can run system in a virtual environment, called Shadow Mode and all the attacks will happed in the virtual environment, not the real environment. If attacks happened, all you need to do is to reboot your system. After reboot, the system will be restored to the original state, as if nothing happened. And meanwhile you can save the selected files and folders to the real environment.

Shadow Defender's protection concept is very easy to grasp. For the software to do its job properly you have to place the disks installed on your computer into Shadow Mode. By doing this, the application will take a snapshot of the disk and run every file in virtual mode. You will have the same access to the files on the disk but any write action will be virtual. This means that no matter how many worms and spywares you infect your computer with, they will not affect the real system at all because of the virtualization. Once you snap out of this "parallel dimension" every change to the system and the files on the disk will be discarded.

The conclusion in this sense is that the computer will not be affected by any change and no malicious files will be written to the PC. The greatest thing is that you can choose what can actually get stuck on the disk while in Shadow Mode. More than this, you can decide in advance what files and folders should not benefit from Shadow Mode protection.

1. Prevent any unknown and future virus.
2. Protect your privacy effectly.
3. Eliminate the system downtime and PC maintenance cost.
4. Surf the internet safely.

Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista

You can download this software from its Download page

Customize the Launch Bar With True Launch Bar v4.2

True Launch Bar is a Superior replacement for the standard Quick Launch bar. All functions presented in quick Launch are also in True Launch Bar. However, the True Launch Bar is fully compatible with quick Launch because it uses the same folder for shortcuts. But there is one huge difference. True Launch Bar allows you to combine your shortcuts into groups. This feature looks like popup menus. This vastly improves the management of your shortcuts and save working space on your desktop. By using True Launch Bar, you speed up the launching of your applications like never before.

-- True Launch Bar has many flexible settings. You may configure just the way you like it. The "Auto popup menus on mouse hover" option (with adjustable time) allows you to run shortcuts with one click. Large icons make your work more comfortable on large screen resolutions.
-- True Launch Bar fully supports Windows Drag&Drop technology. You can easily create new popup menus. Simply right-click on True Launch Bar and select "Create menu". After creating the new menu you can easily drag your shortcuts to this new submenu.

You can use hot keys to launch applications from True Launch Bar. You can add separators into True Launch Bar also. Separators help you to group shortcuts inside menus or the toolbar. Control Panel, Printers, Network... and any other folder. Now you can place them onto the True Launch Bar. Simply right-click True Launch Bar, select New and create a Virtual Folder. You can to control items in the Virtual Folders by using the context menu. This like in the explorer window. Try right-click on the printer and select Properties. Add your Favorites folder to True Launch Bar and if you add or delete some link, this changes take effect in True launch Bar too.

-- True Launch Bar support plugins. You can easy add buttons like Mail Monitor, Weather Forecast, Media Control and other. Visit our Plugins Library to find more plugins.

You can change the look of your True Launch Bar using skins. Visit our Skins Library to download new skins. And certainly True Launch Bar completely supports Windows XP Visual Styles.

True Launch Bar allows you completely forget about Start Button. We recommend you remove it from your task bar and free space for more useful things. Try our utility Start Killer. Start Killer is a free tool that removes Start Button from task bar.

True Launch Bar key features

>> Compatibility with standard Quick Launch
True Launch Bar is fully compatible with the standard Windows (TM) Quick Launch toolbar. It uses the same folder for shortcuts. If some program installs an icon into Quick Launch, then the program also installs the icon for True Launch Bar as well. True Launch Bar can be docked into the taskbar like just like Quick Launch.

>> Grouping links into popup menus
The huge advantage of True Launch Bar is popup menus. You can create menus on in the True Launch bar panel and place your shortcuts there. This will save space on your taskbar and give you another dimension in using the taskbar. True Launch Bar is Quick Launch on steroids!!!

>> Full support of Windows XP Visual Styles
True Launch Bar completely supports Windows XP Visual Styles. You turn on the Flat Menus option and TLB will begin to look like All Programs menu from the Start Button.

>> Virtual Folders
You can also create virtual folders on the True Launch Bar. When you create a virtual folder, you select the folder's content you want to see in the toolbar menu. It can be any folder on your disk or on a local network (Favorites, Programs, Recent, etc.); or you can add file system folders such as Printers, Control Panel, My Computer, Dialup Network or other similar folders. If you right-click on an item in the virtual folder, you can see a full context menu like in the Explorer window, and you can perform any action from this menu (Properties, Open, Delete...). In fact you can use True Launch Bar as small file manager. In addition you can add separators with titles into Virtual folders. This can greatly improve the grouping of items inside Virtual Folders.

>> Drag & Drop
True Launch Bar fully supports Windows Drag&Drop technology. You can simply drag your shortcuts onto the toolbar or menu. You can use the left and right mouse button to drag shortcuts to the True Launch Bar. Using the right button dragging you will see a context menu with common actions.

>> Skinable
True Launch Bar is skinable. This means that you can change the appearance of buttons, menu items... Visit our Skins Library to download new skins. If you want to make your own skins please read Skins specification.

>> Plugins
The main feature of True Launch Bar is its active content. Now you can use buttons not only for launching your applications but have button work like small applet. In most cases you will have a button to run your email client (like Outlook Express). If you add Mail Monitor onto the True Launch Bar this button can actually tell you when you have new mail and can run your email client. Visit our Plugins Library to find more plugins such as System Monitor, Media Control, Volume Control etc.

System requirement:
True Launch Bar can be installed on Windows™ 9x/Me/2000/NT4/XP/Vista

You can download this software from its Download Page.

Sep 27, 2008

Create Your Own Search Engine - Search Engine Composer V5.8

Search Engine Composer enables you to create a web site search engine for online or offline usage. It automatically indexes a specified web site or local file structure, and builds a complete search engine, ready to use. The search engine works with Internet, Intranet and CD/DVD offline search, and also provides visitor search reports, including top 50 keywords, and search activity reports. The search engine can be either Java based, which requires no additional server components and can be used on CDs, or it can use PHP, which requires that your server is running PHP. The program is easy to use and offers a step-by-step interface and additional options to customize the search and result pages with use of templates. You can specify the file extensions to index (with support for PDF) and include pages or sections of a site, let the user search sections of a site and more. A quick and easy solution, if you need a search engine, without the need for any programming experience.

You can Download the trial of this software from its homepage.

Protect Your Pc With Anti Trojan Elite 4.1.7

Anti Trojan Elite(ATE) is a malware remover, it can detect and clean malware in disk or memory.Anti Trojan Elite provide a real-time malware firewall for user, once a trojan or keylogger would been loaded, the ATE can detect, block and then clean it in time before it starts. The ATE can detect more than 22000 trojans, worms and keyloggers currently, and the number of malware ATE could clean is growing up very quickly, we collect world-wide malwares, user can using our auto live update feature to get the power to clean these new malwares in time.

Anti Trojan Elite has some useful utilities especially. The network utility can been used to disconnect suspicious TCP connections; The process utility can been used to kill suspicious processes even the process has the system priviage, even it has the ability to unload suspicious modules in all processes; The registry repair utility can been used to repair registry altered by malware; The registry monitor utility can been used to repair any change of important registry keys and values with real time.


• Real-time malware firewall, protecting user's computer in real-time.
• Detecting and cleaning binded malware, doesn't hurt normal file and clean the malware.
• Detecting and cleaning no process malware, some malware don't have a EXE file, they are only some DLL files and running as some threads in other process, ATE can detect and clean this type of malware even it's running.
• Free tools. View the information of Tcp/Ip states and processes informations.


• Disk and memory scan supported.
• Real-time malware firewall.
• Compressed files (RAR ZIP CAB) scan supported.
• Backup module: Backup trojan files before killing.
• Network Manager. View the tcp/udp states and the processes they belonged to. User can disconnect any tcp connection and stop the opposite process.
• Process manager. View the processes and its DLL modules' information. User can terminate any process and unload any DLL module.
• Internet Explorer and registry repair utility.
• Updating online supported, and auto check updates when ATE starts.
• Real-time registry monitor utility.

You can download the trial of this software from here.

Sep 21, 2008

Your Complete Dard Disk Recovery Solution - Acronis True Image 11 Home

Acronis True Image 11 Home offers you improved point-in-time backup strategy. It has user-friendly interface and the ability to bring your machine back online even if it has crashed and is unbootable. Acronis True Image 11 Home is an easy-to-use, affordable backup and restore solution for home and home office users that can protect family pictures, videos, music, and important documents stored on your home PC. It helps make certain that you are adequately protected, ensuring that you can recover your data in case the machine fails or your computer hard disk is damaged by a virus.

Acronis True Image 11 Home is intended for use at home and in the home office. It is a tool that enables you to protect and recover data on your PC. Its easy-to-use wizards walk you through the steps required to protect and recover your data, including:
* Creating bootable media (floppy disks, CDs, or flash drives), which will enable you to start your computer when the operating system becomes unstable and you cannot boot your machine
* Creating and scheduling the backup procedure to protect all the information stored on your system and backing up specific files and folders, like your My Documents folder or your most recent tax return
* Recovering your data in case of a system failure

With the introduction of Acronis True Image 11 Home, you are provided with several products in one:
* Our original disk imaging backup option, which enables you to create an image of your entire hard disk drive, including the operating system, applications, user settings, and all data. Use the image to restore your PC to a known working state without any reinstallation.
* A file-based backup option, which enables you to back up and restore individual files and folders, like your My Documents folder, your music, video and photos or some specific file, like your latest tax return. A wizard walks you through all of the steps.
* You can also back up your applications settings. If an application seems to malfunction or ceases to run you are supposed to reinstall it using the last updates and then recover your settings from the backup. The list of supported applications will be gradually built up. Updates will be available with new program builds or via the Internet. For Instant Messengers, the program will back up both settings and history.
* Acronis True Image 11 Home offers a straightforward way to back up messages, accounts and settings for Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003 and Microsoft Outlook Express and Microsoft Windows Mail. It preserves your e-mails, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, signatures, news folders, e-mail rules and user settings with just a few mouse clicks
* Try&Decide feature. Performing potentially dangerous changes in the system, such as installing new software from the internet is sometime a risky operation as it may lead to system instability or even worse add Viruses or spyware to your computer. Thanks to Try and Decide in Acronis True Image 11 Home, you can now safely perform these potentially risky operations. When Try and decide is turned on, all the changes performed will be transparently recorded on a virtual disk automatically created in Acronis Secure Zone. At any time you can decide if you want to validate the changes you made or discard them and therefore revert the system back to its previous state.
* Disk Cleanser, File Shredder, and System Clean-up - Securely wipes data stored on an entire hard disk, individual partitions or in individual files and eliminates all traces of user activities in the system.

There are several exclusive features of the Acronis True Image 11 Home software that distinguish it from other products:

Provides multiple backup options in one product: our original disk imaging backup option allows you to protect your entire PC, and our backup options allow you to protect your music, photos, videos, email and application settings

* Supports Microsoft Vista, so you can safely upgrade to this new operating system
* Allows you to create backup rules, so you do not have to worry about managing your backups
* Enables you to receive e-mail notifications on your backup status, so you have peace of mind knowing your PC is protected
* Find specific files by exploring backup files
* Use your system during a recovery with the Acronis Snap Restore feature
* Save data to special partition on your hard drive, the Acronis Secure Zone. There is no need to purchase an extra hard drive, CDs, or DVDs to protect your data. This is especially useful for notebook computers.
* Use Try&Decide feature to install potentially unstable software or downloading suspicious e-mails to evaluate them and then decide if you want to keep this stuff on your machine or revert the system back in seconds by simply rebooting your computer.
* Restart your computer by hitting the F11 key in case you computer does not boot correctly with the Acronis Recovery Manager. Even if your operating system has been deleted, the Acronis Recovery Manager can boot your computer
* Run backups while you are using your computer
* Restore your entire PC in minutes, including the operating system, applications, and user settings without reinstallation of any software
* Automate backups on a regular basis by creating a schedule
* Walks you through each task so that you don't need to be a computer expert to use it

What's New in Acronis True Image 11 Home:

* Try&Decide. Create a temporary, safe place on your hard disk where you can perform changes to your system that otherwise might not be advisable, such as installing new software, downloading files from the Internet, or opening e-mail attachments. If the operations are successful, you can apply those changes to the real system or discard the changes as you wish.
* Exclude Files and Folders from Image Backup. Save space when creating backups by ensuring that you are not backing up the information you don?t want to keep
* Backup your system state. Registry, boot files, as well as important system files from system crashes
* Automatic catalog of all your backups. Easily locate your archives as system automatically remembers their placement
* Raw Images support for other partitions and corrupted file systems

* Message-level Outlook restore. Quickly locate and recover your important messages from mail backup
* Search and explore archives. Easily search for and recover particular files from all your known backup archives
* Preserve files and folders during restore. Make sure your newly entered important data would not be overwritten by recovering from older backup

* Set and forget. Configure it once and you do not have to care about your backups as long as traffic light indicator shows green
* Smart Scheduling. Start backup on user idle, login/logout or other events: Automatically protect your system from potentially hazardous changes
* Schedule periodic backup validation. Ensure that your backups do not get corrupted, so restore would actually work

Privacy protection
* Acronis Drive Cleanser. Protect your sensitive data when you are discarding a hard drive or returning leased system by securely easing the whole hard drive
* File Shredder. Wipe private or confidential data in individual files using latest multi-pass algorithms
* System Clean-Up. Protect your privacy by cleaning up your activity track stored by Windows

Acronis True Image gives you the power to do much more sophisticated tasks to satisfy your most advanced backup needs:
Supports Microsoft Windows Vista™
Supports 64-bit CPU
Quick backup of specific files
Backup data in specific categories
Explore backups
Create backup rules
Email notifications
Save to FTP

System Requirements:
Windows® Vista;
Windows® XP Professional x64 Edition;
Windows® XP SP 2;
Windows® 2000 Professional SP 4;
CPU: 300MHz or higher;
RAM: 256MB or higher;
Disk space: 300 MB;
Extra space for installation: 150 MB.

Supported File Systems:
FAT16/32, NTFS, Linux Ext2, Ext3, ReiserFS, and Linux SWAP

You can download trail version of this software from its Download Page

Sep 18, 2008

"lily-livered coward" Captain Says India 'much safer' than Pak

Australian double standards in visiting Pakistan becoming more evident with every comment that is being given.Latest is from the Aussie captain who says that India is much safer than Pakistan.Here is what he has to say

Defending Cricket Australia’s decision to go ahead with India tour despite Saturday’s serial blasts, the country’s Test captain Ricky Ponting has said that there was a difference in the security situation in India and Pakistan, and that he and his team were comfortable in playing in India and not Pakistan.

“As we all know and has been outlined already, these are very different circumstances between India and Pakistan right at the moment and Cricket Australia has made that very clear. As captain of the side and as a player, right at the moment I am very comfortable to go on the advice of Cricket Australia and the players'' association,” The Australian quoted Ponting as saying.

He said that Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and independent security experts and given the go ahead for the India tour. “Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade have obviously been in very close contact with Cricket Australia over the last few days,” Ponting said.

Ponting’s comments followed an outburst from Pakistan alleging “favouritism” by Cricket Australia in proceeding with a tour of India after twice refusing to tour Pakistan this year because of safety and security concerns.[Via]
I think its time to sue Cricket Australia & demand Millions of dollars in compensation for destroying Cricket in Pakistan.It was Australia who refused to tour Pakistan Years back others were happy to tour.

Disable Automatic Virus Scan in Firefox 3

Fireofox 3 has a built in feature of scanning for viruses after each download is completed.That could slow the process specially if the file is big.That can really take some important time.So if you want to disable this automatic virus scan you just have to follow these simple steps.Yeah yeah the same old about:config trick.Here you go.
  • Type about:config in the Firefox address bar
  • Now filter the following
  • Preference should be : No
  • Set the parameter to False
Here you go.Now Firefox won't scan for viruses automatically after each download.

Sep 17, 2008

Record any sound on your Pc - Okoker Easy Recorder

Okoker Easy Recorder is a useful application which allows you to record sound from microphones and line-in audio, streaming audio from the Internet, and audio from Winamp, Windows Media Player, QuickTime, RealPlayer, Power DVD, Flash, games and many others.

After record, you can modify sound with special effects.

Okoker Easy Recorder is a unique software that could record and convert all files can be played on your computer as various formats. It's very easy to use. The software provides a Windows Vsita style interface, it's very beautiful!

Here are some key features of "Okoker Easy Recorder":

· Record any sound you hear on your computer.
· Record and Convert all media to mp3, wav, mp2, wma, ogg, g721, g723, g726, vox, raw, pcm formats.
· Provide most useful edit tool
· Can start and stop recording at any time you set.
· Very Easy to use.
· A very beautiful Windows Vsita style interface.


·Trail version Can only record 10 seconds

Download & Try the trail Version

Sep 10, 2008

Check Memory Consumed By Websites Using Google Chrome

Google Chrome Beta which is now available for public downloading is said to have the Potential to be a Firefox Killer.Well i think it has a lot to do to be a Firefox killer.Nevertheless here is one very interesting feature in Google Chrome,"Google Chrome Task Manager" which helps you the check memory, CPU and bandwidth usage of the web pages.

All you need to do is press the SHIFT + ESC keys at the same time.The Google Chrome Task Manager Will appear showing you the Physical Memory usage as shown in the pic above.

Zoom In Or Out Any Web Page Using Firefox

One of the great Features of Firefox is the ability to zoom in and out while on a webpage. This is helps a great deal when text, or even a photo, is too small to see well.

All you need to do is to follow these simple steps.

Go any web page that you want Zoom.Hold the Ctrl Key & press The "+" key on the keyboard till you get the satisfactory results of zooming in.Similarly you can zoom out while Holding the Ctrl key & Pressing the "-" key.You can also Zoom in and out if with the help of your mouse only if you have a scroll wheel in your mouse.Just Hold the Ctrl Key & scroll upwards to zoom in & Downwards for Zooming out.

Sep 7, 2008

Create Photo Collages With Picasa

You can use Picasa to easily create photo collages.Below is an example of Photo Collage you can create with the help of Picasa. All you need to do is to follow the following simple steps.

  • Select the photos you'd like to include in your collage.Select the Photos by clicking the photo + pressing the Ctrl key so that you can select multiple images.Your selected photos appear in the Photo Tray in the lower-left corner of the screen.
  • Now Click the Collage Button
  • Now choose the type of Collage by using the options & the Drop down menu.
  • Pick a background for your collage. Picasa allows you to choose a black, white or gray background. You can also choose a picture for your background.
  • Save your collage to your computer by clicking the Save button.

Sep 3, 2008

Google's Picasa Web Albums Introduces Face Recognition

Finally its reality.News of face recognition feature being introduced in major online photo sharing sites is around for a while now.But Google is once again ahead with the introduction of face recognition to Picasa Web Albums.

Picture Via Google

Cnet in its article revealed that
The Picasa Web Albums name tag feature groups like faces together to let users tag them with names a batch at a time.

"Once you've started naming people, we'll start suggesting names for you based on similarity," said Mike Horowitz, Google's Picasa product manager. "The process of naming people is really addictive and tremendously fun."

Aug 31, 2008

Create Strong Passwords Online - The Password Meter

Things regarding passwords are normally "troubles".But passwords can't be ignored.In fact in order to work on the internet we do need a strong password,otherwise some hackers will be smiling around the globe.Many sites do show us the strength of our passwords while creating them.But not all of them do it.

The password Meter
helps you to create strong passwords.It has several ways of checking how strong a password is.Mine is strong.What about yours?Check it at The Password Meter.

Aug 30, 2008

How to use About:Config in Firefox 3

You all must be familiar to the About:Config trick in Firefox 2.But in Firefox 3 it has a slightly different method to perform that trick.So whats the difference?Here it is for you.

1. Start Firefox.

2. Type about:config into the address bar and press Enter. Something like this will appear.Click I’ll be careful, I promise button:

Here comes our desired about:config Window

3. Now we have to modify or create new values as you used to do it in Firefox 2

Aug 26, 2008

Easily Recover Deleted Files - Recuva

How many times it happens to us that we accidentally delete some of our useful files from our pc.Its quite ok if we have a backup of those files but if we don't have a backup of those files then its quite frustrating & maybe a big problem.Here comes Recuva to your rescue.

Recuva is a freeware Windows utility to restore files that have been accidentally deleted from your computer. This includes files emptied from the Recycle bin as well as images and other files that have been deleted by user error from digital camera memory cards or MP3 players. It will even bring back files that have been deleted by bugs, crashes and viruses!
If you want to use this free ware software then please proceed to its download page.

Protect Your Pc With Security Administrator

Protect your computer and restrict access to Internet with Security Administrator. This nice password-protected security utility enables you to impose a variety of access restrictions to protect your privacy and stop others from tampering with your PC. You can deny access to each individual component of several Control Panel applets, including Display, Network, Passwords, Printers, System and Internet Options.

You can disable your boot keys, context menus, DOS windows, Registry editing, Internet and Network access.

Hide your desktop icons, local, network and USB drives, Start menu items, or even the entire taskbar. You can also apply password protection to Windows and restrict users to running specific applications only, Control Internet Usage, view statistics of computer use by your kids or employees. Security restrictions can be applied universally or to specific computer users. You’ll find the program interface very easy to negotiate. Excellent online help is available.

Security Tools - password and security tools to protect PC
1st Security Agent - protect and secure Windows PC
1st Screen Lock - password-protect PC and spy on users
Security Administrator - protect PC and restrict access
Public PC Desktop - setup public access PC
1st Network Admin - secure network PC
Easy Desktop Keeper - backup, restore, lock desktop layout
Easy Disk Drive Safeguard - lock & hide disk drives
IE Internet Security - secure and protect web browser
1st Evidence Remover - clean PC and remove evidence
ABC Security Protector - restrict access to DOS
CD-DVD Lock - password protect CD/DVD/HDD/Floppy
Access Administrator - password protect files
File & Folder Protector - password protect files and folders
Outlook Express Protector - password protect Outlook Express
Access Lock - lock access to PC with password
PC Lockup - lock PC with password

Internet Tools - email and Internet tools, SMTP servers and mass mailers
1st Mac Mailer - use mac for mass mailing
Mail Bomber - organize email subscription
Best Mail Server - SMTP/POP3 mail server software
Corporate SMTP Server - high-performance mail server
Easy Backup for Outlook Express - save, restore your data
Email Security - ensure email security and privacy

Puzzle Games - free games and puzzles for kids and adults
Pool 3D Training Edition - billiard simulation game
AbcPuzzles - play free games and puzzles
Cyclanoid - play free challenging puzzles
AlterJig - play free jigsaw puzzles

Website Map - links to different useful pages of this website
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Fast Mailer Pro FAQ - questions and answers related to Fast Mailer Pro
Local SMTP Relay Server FAQ - questions and answers related to Local SMTP Relay Server
Email Security FAQ - questions and answers related to Email Security
1st Evidence Remover FAQ - questions and answers related to 1st Evidence Remover
Public PC Desktop FAQ - questions and answers related to Public PC Desktop


Windows 9x/ME
Windows NT4
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows 2003
Windows Vista

To download it please proceed to the Homepage

Aug 22, 2008

Compare & Select Whats Best For You - NTFS vs. FAT

Many people ask me which type of file system should i NTFS or FAT.So i was just finding the answers on Google & guess what,i found the exact answer to that question at Free Pc Tech.
Here it is for you.Just Compare & Select Whats Best For You.

The FAT16 file system was introduced way back with MS–DOS in 1981, and it's showing its age. It was designed originally to handle files on a floppy drive, and has had minor modifications over the years so it can handle hard disks, and even file names longer than the original limitation of 8.3 characters, but it's still the lowest common denominator. The biggest advantage of FAT16 is that it is compatible across a wide variety of operating systems, including Windows 95/98/Me, OS/2, Linux, and some versions of UNIX. The biggest problem of FAT16 is that it has a fixed maximum number of clusters per partition, so as hard disks get bigger and bigger, the size of each cluster has to get larger. In a 2–GB partition, each cluster is 32 kilobytes, meaning that even the smallest file on the partition will take up 32 KB of space. FAT16 also doesn't support compression, encryption, or advanced security using access control lists.

The FAT32 file system, originally introduced in Windows 95 Service Pack 2, is really just an extension of the original FAT16 file system that provides for a much larger number of clusters per partition. As such, it greatly improves the overall disk utilization when compared to a FAT16 file system. However, FAT32 shares all of the other limitations of FAT16, and adds an important additional limitation—many operating systems that can recognize FAT16 will not work with FAT32—most notably Windows NT, but also Linux and UNIX as well. Now this isn't a problem if you're running FAT32 on a Windows XP computer and sharing your drive out to other computers on your network—they don't need to know (and generally don't really care) what your underlying file system is.

The Advantages of NTFS
The NTFS file system, introduced with first version of Windows NT, is a completely different file system from FAT. It provides for greatly increased security, file–by–file compression, quotas, and even encryption. It is the default file system for new installations of Windows XP, and if you're doing an upgrade from a previous version of Windows, you'll be asked if you want to convert your existing file systems to NTFS. Don't worry. If you've already upgraded to Windows XP and didn't do the conversion then, it's not a problem. You can convert FAT16 or FAT32 volumes to NTFS at any point. Just remember that you can't easily go back to FAT or FAT32 (without reformatting the drive or partition), not that I think you'll want to.

The NTFS file system is generally not compatible with other operating systems installed on the same computer, nor is it available when you've booted a computer from a floppy disk. For this reason, many system administrators, myself included, used to recommend that users format at least a small partition at the beginning of their main hard disk as FAT. This partition provided a place to store emergency recovery tools or special drivers needed for reinstallation, and was a mechanism for digging yourself out of the hole you'd just dug into. But with the enhanced recovery abilities built into Windows XP (more on that in a future column), I don't think it's necessary or desirable to create that initial FAT partition.

When to Use FAT or FAT32
If you're running more than one operating system on a single computer , you will definitely need to format some of your volumes as FAT. Any programs or data that need to be accessed by more than one operating system on that computer should be stored on a FAT16 or possibly FAT32 volume. But keep in mind that you have no security for data on a FAT16 or FAT32 volume—any one with access to the computer can read, change, or even delete any file that is stored on a FAT16 or FAT32 partition. In many cases, this is even possible over a network. So do not store sensitive files on drives or partitions formatted with FAT file systems.
Trick [Via]

Aug 20, 2008

Now Comment From Under the Post in Blogger - Embedded Comment Form

Blogger has got rid of one of its major complaints.Yes Blogger has introduced Embedded comment form.Unlike previous Blogger comment form which had a separate page from the post.This new Embedded comment form is just like Wordpress in which you can directly comment from under the post.All you need to do is to follow these simple steps.

  • log in to and go to Settings > Comments for your blog.
  • Just click “Embedded below post,” save your settings.
  • Go to your blogger template editor (Your Blog Dashboard -> Layout -> Edit HTML)
  • Tick the Expand Widget Templates.
  • Find these codes below.
  • Replace it code with this Code.
  • Save your Template.

Download Registry Mechanic v8.0.0.900

With Registry Mechanic you can safely clean, repair and optimize the Windows registry with a few simple mouse clicks. The program uses a high-performance detection algorithm to quickly identify missing and invalid references in your Windows registry. These problems can occur for many reasons including being left-behind after the un-installation or incorrect removal of software, by missing or corrupt hardware drivers, or orphaned startup programs. With a few easy steps Registry Mechanic will scan your entire registry for any invalid entries and provides a list of the registry errors found, you can then choose to selectively clean each item or automatically repair them all. For your convenience and protection Registry Mechanic can also make a backup of any repairs made so that you can easily recover any changes if required.

Download it from here.

Aug 18, 2008

No last Punch - Musharraf resigns

As the rumors of Resignation of President Pervez Musharraf become reality,reactions from all over the globe & across Pakistan are coming.Some of them are quite interesting.Here are some of the media reactions on the resignation of Pervez Musharraf.

Geo says

President Pervez Musharraf announced in a televised address to the nation Monday that he had decided to resign after nine years in power to avoid the threat of impeachment.

"After viewing the situation and consulting legal advisers and political allies, with their advice I have decided to resign," a grim-faced Musharraf said, backed by Pakistani flags and a portrait of the country's founder.

"I leave my future in the hands of people."

Dawn says

President Pervez Musharraf announced his resignation from the office of President of Pakistan on Monday, August 18. He said he would want the people of Pakistan to judge his actions. President Pervez Musharraf said he was sending his resignation to the Speaker of the National Assembly. He asked his well-wishers to accept his decision in the interests of Pakistan. He said his decision was on the slogan of Pakistan first and he wanted the country to prosper. President Musharraf hoped the nation would continue to prosper and develop.

Ndtv says

Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has resigned. He will give letter of resignation to National Assembly Speaker.

Addressing the nation he said, "I leave it to the people to decide. Let them be judges and let them do justice. Though I am sure no charge can stand against me, I do not want instability and confrontation in the country".

"I do not want the office of President to come under impeachment procedure. I think this is not the time for individual bravado," he added.

He said it is a day of "important decisions".

Musharraf said "false and baseless" allegations have been levelled against him. People are being cheated by the false allegations levelled against him. These allegations would damage the interest of the nation

Cnn Says

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf announced his resignation Monday after weeks of pressure on him to relinquish power. Musharraf told the nation in a televised address that he would step down -- nearly nine years after he seized power in a bloodless coup in 1999.

"I don't want the people of Pakistan to slide deeper and deeper into uncertainty," Musharraf said.

"For the interest of the nation, I have decided to resign as president," he said. "I am not asking for anything. I will let the people of Pakistan decide my future."

BBC says

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, who is facing impeachment by parliament, says he will resign.

The charges against the president include violation of the constitution and gross misconduct.

Mr Musharraf said he was confident that the charges against him would not stand but that this was not the time for more confrontation in Pakistan.

He has been one of the United States' strongest allies in its war against Islamist extremism.

His political rivals swept to power last February in national and provincial elections after months of political confrontation and worsening militant violence.
I feel that Pervez Musharraf finally did what is better for Pakistan & himself.What do you say about his resignation.

Download USB Disk Security V5.1.0.8

USB Disk Security provides 100% protection against any threats via USB drive, however, the majority of other products are unable even to guarantee 90% protection. USB Disk Security is the best antivirus software to permanently protect offline computer without the need for signature updates, but other antivirus software should update signature database regularly, and they cannot effectively protect offline computer. This light and easy to use solution is 100% compatible with all software and doesn't slow down your computer at all. You pay USB Disk Security once and get it all, however, other antivirus products should be paid for updates every year.

Product Highlights:

>> 100% protection against any malicious programs via USB storage

USB Disk Security uses innovative proactive technology to block any threats via USB drive. There are relatively few products available in shops or on the Internet which offer even close to 100% protection against any malicious programs via USB drive. The majority of products are unable even to guarantee 90% protection. USB Disk Security is the world's best software to block threats via USB drive.

>> The best solution to protect offline computer

Other antivirus software should update signature database regularly, and they cannot effectively protect offline computer that is not connected to the Internet. When new viruses, worms and other malicious attacks strike, traditional signatures are insufficient. Every minute one waits for a virus signature update creates a window of vulnerability that could have devastating consequences. USB Disk Security uses advanced proactive detection techniques, requires no signature updates, and closes the window of vulnerability left open by other reactive, signature-based responses.

>> The world's fastest and smallest antivirus software

With USB Disk Security, it’s not necessary to sacrifice speed for detection and scanning. Compare antivirus software and you'll discover that USB Disk Security is by far one of the smallest applications in the industry. For example, the v5.0 of USB Disk Security installer is just 1 MB. The program utilizes approximately 1 to 7 MB of RAM.

>> 100% compatible with all software

Incompatibility between antivirus programs is an issue. In the vast majority of cases, installing two antivirus programs from different vendors on one machine (for increased protection) is technically impossible, as the two programs will disrupt each other's functioning. However, USB Disk Security is 100% compatible with all software, including Windows Vista.

>> Simple to use

USB Disk Security has been specifically designed to perform effectively regardless of the user’s level of computer expertise. Just install and forget it.

>>> System Requirement

100MHz Processor or more, 16MB RAM or more. The operating system should be Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows NT 4.0, Windows ME, or Vista.


Aug 17, 2008

Easily Create and Edit PDF - Download Abdio PDF Editor v7.2

Create and Edit PDF file just like operating Mircosoft Office Word.

Abdio PDF Editor is a professional software for editing PDF. You can create and edit PDF file just like operating Mircosoft Office Word. It supports BookMark and page browser and allows you to import word(.doc), Html, Rtf file.

Why Using Abdio PDF Editor?
Because creating and distributing PDF has never been so easy and so professional! Abdio PDF Editor is based on a simple concept: A powerful tool, yes, but easy to use.

Powerful features
-- You can import Office Word( DOC), RTF, TXT, HTML, XML.
-- You can Export Office Word(DOC), TXT, HTML
-- You can save pdf file
-- Add Text
-- Add Headers or Footers
-- Insert Table
-- Insert Image
-- Insert File
-- Search and Replace
-- BookMark
-- Page Browse

Easy to use workspace
The program is fully integrated in one workspace
All the features are accessible at any time
An image loader/viewer to create pdf from pictures in one click!
Full Drag & Drop support in all workspace

You can download Abdio Pdf editor from here

Aug 15, 2008

New Worm Detected by Kaspersky Attacks Facebook & MySpace

A new worm is spreading via Facebook and MySpace, turning victims' computers into zombies on a botnet, Kaspersky Lab said on Friday.

Infected machines are propagating the worm by sending messages via the social networks to friends in the network.

The messages look like they contain links to video clips. When clicked on, they prompt the recipient to download an executable file that purports to be the latest version of Flash Player. Instead, it is the worm itself.

When infected machines next log onto the social networks, they automatically send the malicious messages out to new victims grabbed from the friend list, said Ryan Naraine, security evangelist at Kaspersky.

"We've seen these types of worms before, typically around MySpace," he said. "People are more trusting of things they receive from a friend." Many people don't recognise that what they are downloading is not a legitimate Flash Player file but a malicious program, Naraine added.

Naraine urged users to exercise caution when downloading anything onto their computers, even if it appears to come from a friend, and to be diligent about applying security.

So take proper measures before using Facebook & Myspace.


Download BeaTunes v1.2.11

What started out as a BPM detection tool for DJs, runners and dancers, has become one of the finest iTunes™ library management tools around.

beaTunes' powerful inspection feature let's you clean up your iTunes track data in a way unrivaled by any other software on the market today. Easily find typos or different spellings of artists' names, automatically fill in the album artist names, and much more. No more R.E.M. and REM in your iPod's artist list!

beaTunes can even help you to find the titles of tracks that have no artist or title associated with them.

And once you have a clean collection, the built-in playlist generator works even better.

Here are some more examples of what you can do with beaTunes:

* Automatically determine BPM (beats per minute) and store the result in iTunes
* Manually determine BPM and store the result in iTunes
* Inspect and fix your music library (typos, wrong genre etc.)
* Sort existing playlists so that matching songs succeed each other
* Create matchlists, i.e. playlists based on one or more sample songs
* Browse songs from your music collection that match the currently selected song
* Discover albums that aren't in your music collection, but would complement it
* Keep up to date through Amazon™ album charts
* Automatically set start and end times of songs based on their volume
* Categorize songs by their sound color
* Build playlists per drag and drop
* Create blog entries on with your favorite playlist or songs
* Add like tags to your songs
* Look up track metadata using acoustic fingerprints
* Detect the language of lyrics already stored in iTunes

The current version of beaTunes for Windows only runs on machines with at least a 1GHz Pentium 4, 1GB RAM and Windows 2000/XP/Vista, iTunes >= 7.3.2 and Java™ 6.0 >= Update 2 (1.6.0_02) installed

You can download this program from here

How to Disable Flip3D in Windows Vista

Flip 3d is said to be the most useless feature of Windows Vista.But some people like it too.I don't know why.Here is a registry patch that can help you disabling the Flip 3d feature.

Extract the zip file to your hard drive and then double-click on DisableFlip3D.reg to enter the information into the registry.

Next, you will have to open an Administrator mode command prompt by right-clicking on the command prompt and selecting Run as Administrator. Run these commands, which will restart the desktop window manager service.

net stop uxsms

net start uxsms

By performing the steps mentioned above you can easily disable the Flip 3d Feature in Windows Vista.


Aug 6, 2008

Download RealPlayer 11.0.3 Build Gold

The RealPlayer is the first product that integrates Real's revolutionary new Harmony technology. RealPlayer enables consumers to buy and download music that plays on more than 100 portable devices, including the Apple iPod. RealPlayer is the only digital-media player you need for finding and downloading new music, playing and managing audio and video clips, and taking your digital entertainment with you. RealPlayer offers a streamlined interface that allows you to keep your media library close at hand. Keep all your digital-media clips organized in one place; save CD tracks with one click; pause and rewind live streams; transfer music to CDs and portable devices effortlessly; and enjoy clear, smooth video playback and multichannel, surround-sound support.

Helix Powered RealPlayer is the all-in-one digital media player that lets you find anything and play everything. This popular streaming-media player offers improved video controls and access to 3200 radio stations. RealPlayer also includes an option during setup to install the Real Toolbar for Internet Explorer. With RealPlayer you get an improved graphic equalizer and media services, including a radio tuner and an artist and music guide. Meanwhile, the Take 5 news service can offer you daily sports updates. A contextual video search helps you find interviews with your favorite artists. The RealPlayer music store lets you buy music files. Finally, you can use the software to transfer files to CDs and portable devices.

Features of RealPlayer :
- Best video & audio quality ever
- Plays CDs, DVDs and all major file types.
- Integrated Music Store
- Harmony™ Technology – download music to 100+ secure portable devices
- Download selected songs for only 49¢ in RealPlayer
- Online Radio: Over 3200 stations worldwide & 60 ad-free stations for endless listening.
- Expanded Controls: Optimize sound with the 10-Band Graphic Equalizer and get the sharpest picture with advanced video controls.
- Advanced CD Burning: Rip, mix & burn CDs like a pro - fast! Encode MP3s at up to 320kbps.
- Play Everything: RealOne Player plays all major media formats including Quicktime MPEG-4, Windows Media, DVDs, & more.
- Easy, Fun & Intuitive: Browse the web, organize audio & video files, create playlists, & more!

Real Networks RealPlayer 11- the next major version of its media player software. The jukebox is the first to focus attention on capturing web-based video instead of simply offering tools to play it back. A unique extension to the player's web plugin can automatically detect videos that are recordable from the web and saves multiple clips at one time; this works for both live video events as well as prerecorded shows, Real says. The software is intelligent enough to also recognize copy protection on certain streams and will refuse downloads when DRM appears. Any video can be linked to a friend through a sharing feature to save the trouble of recreating the link.

Equally new in version 11 is Video CD recording. Any saved video recognized by RealPlayer can be burned as a standard VCD, which works both in a large number of DVD players as well as some playback tools on computers without any version of RealPlayer installed. The paid Plus version will also burn directly to DVD.

Overall performance has been given a boost, Real claims, in terms of load times as well as an improved visual interface and a less intrusive install routine. Support for multiple player-specific formats such as QuickTime and Windows Media will carry over from earlier versions.

A public beta of RealPlayer 11 will be available for free beginning in June, the company says, but at first will require Windows as well as either Firefox or Internet Explorer for viewing and saving web-based streams. A Mac version is promised but will be posted later in the year.

You can download Real player from its Download page.

Aug 4, 2008

Protect Your Webpages - PageLock Website Copy Protection 7

Protect your webpage's code and design from unauthorised copying using PageLock Website Copy Protection. This award-winning software helps block website copying by stopping text from being selected and preventing the web page's source code from being read.

Features include:

Encode websites to help protect against code and design theft.

Block right mouse clicks from displaying menus on your website.

Prevent text from being selected.

New in version 7! Block text being selected using the Web browser's Select All function.

New in version 7! Block Internet Explorer's image toolbar.

Disable dragging and dropping.

Protect an entire folder of webpages at once.

What does PageLock Do?
The threat of website design theft is of significant concern to many website developers. Whilst copyright law offers some protection, it can be difficult to enforce, particularly when the dispute involves individuals in different countries. PageLock provides added physical protection by acting as a deterrent for possible offenders.

PageLock encodes HTML (the code used to design webpages) in a way that makes it difficult to make unauthorised copies whilst still allowing the resulting webpage to be displayed in a JavaScript compatible web browser without disruption to the webpage's design. PageLock also provides options for preventing text from being selected or the right mouse button being clicked in the body of the webpage.

As is the case with any copy protection technology, it is impossible to be absolutely certain that the encoding used won't be cracked. The same applies to webpages protected by PageLock. When you encode your webpages using the program, you can be assured that your page is encoded in a way that makes it more difficult for others to copy. The protection is intended to act as a deterrent for opportunistic copying of your website's design.

Recommended system requirements
Microsoft® Windows® 98 or later operating system (Windows® XP or Windows® Vista recommended)

256 MB of RAM recommended

Hard disk space required for download: 5 MB

Hard disk space required for installation: 10 MB. More if the latest version of the Microsoft® .NET Framework has not been installed.

If your computer does not have the latest version of the Microsoft® .NET Framework installed, you may be required to download it as part of the installation process. This will require an Internet connection.

Internet connection required for accessing SupportBase.NET services.

Windows® compatible pointing device.

You can download the trail version of this software from Here.