May 31, 2008

Search Icons Online - Iconlook

Finding icons over the internet was once a difficult thing.But there are some Icon Search Websites coming through now.Here is another one which is still in its beta.Its called IconLook. It has got a unique beautiful look.You can search the Icon of your choice or look for it in the tag cloud.

Iconlook's important feature is the number of images you can select.They really have a big stock of icons in different sizes.And all the icons available on Iconlook are licensed.If you want to try it please proceed to Iconlook.


May 28, 2008

Update Your Softwares & Drivers For Free - RadarSync

When we have many Softwares installed on your Computer.Many of those softwares will automatically look for updates over the internet.There are some applications which do this for you.I mean their only function is to look for updates over the internet after scanning your computer's software.

RadarSync not only does that but it also looks to update the drivers installed on your pc as well.After scannig your computer, you can click "Downlods all items" .It will allow you update your system easily.It will allow you to download & install the updates directly from the manufacturers website.If you want to try RadarSync you can download a trail version from here.


May 7, 2008

Automatically Launch Applications at Each Flash Drive Plugin - USB AutoRunner

Hello everyone.Do you have any important document or application,that you want to be displayed automatically each time you plug in your USB Flash drive?Well here is a solution for you.It is neat little utility called USB AutoRunner.

It will just create an Autorun.inf file on your Flash drive.Through which you will be able to run the file automatically.You must be thinking that whats the use of such an application?Let me tell you there are some.You can automatically scan for viruses using your portable Anti Virus when you plug in your Flash disk.Or you can launch your portable Web Browser & there are several other things that you can do wit it.To get USB AutoRunner please proceed to this link.

May 5, 2008

Import & Export Firefox passwords - Password Exporter 1.1

In my previous post i have written about Firefox Extension & add-ons.Well here is one more useful
add-on.Now i have told you about how you can import or export your add-ons.But now i am about to tell how you can import & export Passwords saved in your Firefox.
Password Exporter allows you to export your saved passwords and disabled login hosts using XML or CSV files that can be imported in another browser or computer.

This password Exporter 1.1 Supports Firefox 2, Firefox 3, Thunderbird, and several other applications.You can access it by following these simple steps.

  • Go to Firefox Options/Preferences
  • Security pane
  • Import/Export Passwords button

OR you can perform the same operation by

  • Add-ons Manager
  • Preferences/Options for the extension

So If you want to use this add-on you can proceed to its Homepage.


May 4, 2008

Easily Import & Export your Firefox extensions - OPIE

One great advantage of Mozilla Firefox is a broad range of Add-ons & Extensions.OPIE (Ordered Preference Import/Export) is another Firefox extension that enable you to backup your other Firefox add-ons.By this it allows you to import & Export your previously installed extension preferences.

Don't mix it with FEBE, which is in fact is another extremely popular Firefox extension.It is different from FEBE.One major difference between these two Firefox Extensions is that OPIE works with Firefox 3.So if you want to use this Firefox extension,please proceed to OPIE page.


May 3, 2008

Send Free Faxes Online -

Hello everyone.Wanna send free faxes online?Here comes a solution from may remember one post that i wrote about that online file sharing website that enables you to share files without making any account.It recently introduced the function to send uploaded documents via fax.Now Word, Excel, and PDF files can be sent to any fax number.

You can send documents or PDF which are upto 20 pages long.To use this service you need upload the file & press the Drop it button.On the next screen click the Send as fax button.Now you just have to enter the Fax number & send.Your document will be printed at the receivers end in a few moments.You use this service proceed to


May 2, 2008

Now Post Future-Dated Posts In Blogger

Hello everyone.Much was heard about scheduled posting in the past few months.And its testing was being carried out in the Blogger Draft.It now becomes live for everyone to use.Now you can set dates for future posts.And blogger will automatically publish that post on the date provided by you.

How it is going to help you though?Just wonder that you are going on a Vacation,but you still want to be regular with your Blogging so you can use this option to good effect.So how are you going to do this all.Just follow these simple steps.

  • When you have typed your post, click the “Post Options” on the post editor page toggle to show the “Post date and time” fields.
  • Just type the date & Publish your post.
  • You can view your scheduled posts in the Edit Posts list.
[Via] Picture Credit: Blogger