Dec 20, 2007

Scan Your Pc For Viruses in Seconds - Nanoscan

Hi all,
scanning for viruses is normally very lengthy process.It takes about an hour or thirty minutes to scan your pc from viruses & trojans & spywares.Here is a website that enables you to scan your pc in seconds.Its called NanoScan.It is a project of Panda Security.You only have to go to the site & press the "NanoScan My PC" button.It Detects more than 2,720,432 Viruses,trojans & spywares.

Here is a screenshot of the scan result of my pc.And it shows that my Pc was scanned in 66 seconds.So you can also scan your pc within seconds at Nanoscan.

Dec 19, 2007

Download Windows Xp Service Pack 3

Hello Everyone,
Microsoft recently released the Standalone Update Package for Windows XP Service Pack 3 Release Candidate.It has a file name windowsxp-kb936929-sp3-x86-enu.exe .Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) includes all previously released updates for the operating system. This update also includes a small number of new functionalities, which do not significantly change customers’ experience with the operating system.
This release enables you to uninstall it on your choice from the add/remove programs list.Unlike the Sp1 & Sp2 releases.To download this Sp3 release candidate
visit the Microsoft Download Center.

Store & Share data online without any Signup -

Hi all
Online file sharing is becoming more & more popular day by day.Although email service providers like Hotmail,Yahoo & Gmail have increased the attachment limits.But every now & then we witness a online file sharing site with something unique in store.I just came across this site called Its a place for storing and sharing photos, video, audio, notes, docs, etc. Each is accessible only to those whom you tell exactly where to look. No signup and no 'account'. It doesn't even ask for your email. Create as many drops as you want, and each easily accessible at is useful for
  • privately sharing pictures & video
  • transferring files to yourself
  • sharing documents with co-workers
  • creating 'instant' collaboration space
  • posting your resume privately
  • and more!
So start dropping now.

Dec 16, 2007

Pakistan Blogroll - Exclusive list of Famous Pakistani Blogs

Hello everyone,
I have been thinking about posting my blogroll for quite some time now.Today i decided do it finally.Blogging in Pakistan is emerging very quickly.Every single day i witness something very unique by a Pakistani blogger.Thats why i have decided to share the list with my readers.

  • Adnan`s Crazy Blogging World
  • Ahmed Mujtaba's Blog
  • AikFard
  • Al-Baal
  • Aleem's Weblog
  • Ali Raza Sheikh
  • Ali Raza Sheikh
  • All Things Pakistan
  • Ammar's Blog
  • Anti-Climax
  • Asad Hyatt
  • At-Tazkirah: التذكرة
  • Atif Abdul Rehman
  • Ayesha's Blog
  • Back to School
  • Baithak
  • Barely average
  • Behind the Chairman's Door
  • Behind the White Coat
  • Bilal's Blog
  • Bilal's Personal
  • Blog of another looser
  • Blog off
  • Bloggers.Pakistan Developers Blog
  • Bramerz
  • Bring the Funny
  • Buzzvines
  • ByZENtine
  • Chowrangi
  • Chronicles from the windy city
  • Colors Inside My World
  • Cricket Bloggers of Pakistan
  • CrimeThink
  • Crows Nest...
  • Crybaby
  • Cyrilalmeida
  • Dehog, this is me
  • Democracy and Freedom
  • Desi Writer's Lounge
  • Desi in DC
  • Design, Photograph, Communicate
  • Dharti Pakistan
  • Digital Lounge
  • Don't Block the Blog
  • Emergency Times
  • Enter The Winter of My Discontent...
  • EyE-11
  • FOSS in Pakistan
  • Faisal Khan's Blog
  • Faisals Blog
  • Faridi Network
  • Fi Fi
  • Funbie
  • Get Mutated
  • Green & White
  • Green Sufi
  • Habitual Procrastination
  • Hakim Khalid's Blog
  • Half of what I say is meaningless..
  • Hammad Memon
  • Hasanat Kazmi's Blog
  • Have Fun!
  • Hulleye Comes By!
  • IFaqeer
  • In the Line of Wire
  • Individual Counts
  • Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations
  • Inner machinations of my mind
  • InsanelyHuman
  • Islamabad Metroblog
  • Its Just Great
  • Jahane Rumi
  • Jerry's Blogs
  • KO
  • Kahin Duur Jaab Din...
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Karachi Metroblogs
  • Khuram
  • Khurram Aziz
  • Kokaine Katha
  • Lahore Metroblogs
  • Lahore School of Economics
  • Lawanai Sparashawe
  • Legend of Ultimate Heroine
  • LiFe..
  • Life Sparkles
  • Life according to me
  • Life in Germany
  • Life in Isloo
  • LifeDotCom
  • Light Within
  • Lingo of my inner voice
  • Live Cricket
  • MB
  • Mad Gurus Blog
  • Mars on Earth
  • Masood Ahmed Shah
  • Mera Jehaan
  • Meri
  • MicroPakistan
  • My Chronicles...
  • My Evolution
  • My Yours & Our E-70
  • My cosmos...
  • My other self (Rukh-e-Aina)
  • My thoughts on the Quran
  • My treasure chest
  • My world ... in my words
  • MyLifeDump
  • Njoyment Blog
  • Non Skeptical Essays
  • Not Like Minded
  • Not the Whole Truth
  • Nothing adds up
  • Nuclear Battery
  • One Sober
  • Ovais Khan's Diary
  • Over a mile
  • Pak Tea House
  • Pak | cast
  • Pakhaana
  • Pakiez
  • Pakistan Cricket Blog
  • Pakistan Cricket Updates
  • Pakistan Next Gen Issues
  • Pakistan Policy blog
  • Pakistan Wildlife News
  • Pakistani Abysmal Ramblings
  • Pakistani Pictures
  • Pearls of an Oyster
  • Perpetual Emptiness
  • Procrastination
  • Quack! Online
  • Quratulain
  • Rabia Garib
  • Rain Drops Keep Falling
  • Ramblings from Afar
  • Random Thoughts
  • Random-x
  • Reality is Often Bitter
  • ReallyVirtual
  • Recipies Stolen from Around the World
  • Red, White and Black
  • Reflective Introspection
  • Revenge of the nerd
  • Saim's Blog
  • SalamBazar
  • Samandar-e-Bemaina
  • Samrul Zauq Chronicles
  • Saroosh
  • ScrapZilla !
  • Shafqat Khan
  • Shakirs English Blog
  • Shoaib Safdar's Urdu Blog
  • Sid's Sphere
  • Silence
  • Silsila-e-Mah-o-Saal
  • Single Ready to Mingle
  • Soach
  • Soultrips
  • Spinning Wheel
  • State of Pakistan
  • State of Telecom Industry in Pakistan
  • Stray Reflections
  • Stray Vibes
  • Suffering With Behaviours
  • Sugar N Spice
  • Sundries
  • Suspect Paki
  • Sweep the Sunshine
  • Tarique kamal
  • Tears of The Moon
  • Techno Digits
  • Teeth Maestro
  • That's so random
  • Thatta Kedona
  • The Canvas
  • The Critique Aggregator
  • The Dosti Show
  • The Glasshouse
  • The Insider Brief
  • The Land of the Pure
  • The Olive Ream
  • The Pakistani Spectator
  • The Public Toilet
  • The Road to Success
  • The Voice of an Art Freak
  • The Word of mAn[S]o0r
  • The World Has Stopped Spinning
  • Thought Stream
  • Two Straight Jaleybee Babies
  • Umair
  • Umar Siddiqi
  • Unaiza Nasim
  • Understanding Pakistan Project
  • Uzair Ahmed udass
  • Uzair's Weblog
  • Voice of a straight jalaybee
  • Waking Life
  • What Am I - میں کیا ہوں
  • What?
  • Whose The Bitch Now??
  • Why have you forsaken me?
  • Yeah.. that too..
  • You can't handle the truth!
  • Zag Talk
  • Zahra Naqvi
  • Zindagi
  • abdussamad's Blogspace
  • adnan Siddiqi
  • aiReVaj
  • fast Rising
  • iToday
  • آواز دوست
  • اردو بلاگ
  • اردو ٹیکنالوجی بلاگ
  • بدتمیز
  • جاوید اقبال کا بلاگ
  • سراب
  • نعمان کی ڈائری
  • وطن کی کہانی وطن کی زبانی
  • يوں نہ تھا ميں نے فق
  • پاکستانی
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    Not in the list??
    Let me know.You will be.

    Dec 12, 2007

    Definr - Incredibly Fast Online Dictionary

    Hi all,
    Searching the definitions of several words over the internet is very easy.There are many websites available for this purpose.But today i am here with an online dictionary that lets you search the definitions very quickly.It is called Definr.When you type something in the definr search box,definr shows some suggestions according to the characters you have typed.Which leads to a faster outcome of the query.
    Now the site offers a Definr search extension for Firefox.And some other useful tools as well.You can visit the site at Definr.Do give it a try & feel free to post your comments.

    Dec 11, 2007

    Orkut Changes Privacy Settings - Hide Scrapbook,Album & Testimonials

    Hello Everyone,
    I have a good news for Orkut user.Recently Orkut changed its privacy settings,Certainly increased privacy now.Because Orkut users now have an option to block unknown visitors to view their scrapbooks,albums,videos,testimonials & feeds.Orkut was under hammer for giving lesser privacy options.This is probably the biggest privacy change in Orkut.You can enable these settings by following these instructions.

    1. From your Orkut Homepage go to "Settings.
    2. Now Click on The Privacy Tab.
    3. Select Whatever you want to allow & whatever you don't

    Dec 6, 2007

    Google AdSense Sends Christmas Gift for 2007

    Hello everyone,
    AdSense publishers may soon be receiving their Christmas Gifts from Google. Last year, it was a Digital Frame but now they are sending a 2 GB USB Memory card.

    I haven't received mine yet.But expecting it to arrive soon unless "Pakistan Post" does what he should not.!!!Anyways once again thanks to Google for being different from others by sending these GB USB Memory card.

    Dec 4, 2007

    Recover Deleted Data - Data Recovery Doctor

    Hello all,
    Have you ever deleted your files accidentally or lost some useful data due to hard disk formating,than this is a nice little software for you.
    Data Doctor Recovery will recover data files and folders lost due to
    over written/formatted/deleted/damaged/corrupted partitions from FAT and NTFS based operating systems such as Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/2003 from the hard disk or other storage media such as Pen drive, Floppy disk, Memory Card, Flash memory, iPODs, Zip drives, Digital cameras, mobile communicators memory card etc.

    This application is an easy, safe, read-only and non-destructive data recovery software tool.

    Windows data recovery software Data Recovery Doctor for Windows partition recovery is quick, simple easy to use with extremely attractive Graphical user interface (GUI) and helpful software utility tool for restoring lost or deleted partitions, files and folders.Here are some Key features of the software.

    · Supports all storage media including Hard disk, Pen drive, Floppy disk, Memory Card, Flash memory, Zip drives, iPODs, Digital cameras, mobile communicators memory card
    · Best Graphical user interface (GUI) for easy and quick data recovery
    · In-built step-by-step data recovery help
    · Recovers data lost due to overwritten, deleted, formatted, damaged or corrupted partitions in all logical crashes
    · Also Recovers Data from previously Existing Partitions
    · Recovers data even from Bad sectors affected storage media
    · Helpful in computer Forensics
    · Long File Name files and Folders recovery support
    · Support for FAT VFAT FAT12 FAT16 FAT32 NTFS NTFS5 file systems
    · Recovers deleted files and folders even after use of (Shift+Del) key and emptied recycle bin, lost/missing/deleted partition formatted logical drives, missing or lost files and folders
    · Multi storage support( up to 128 storage media at a time ) for hard disks and/or other storage media including all IDE, SATA, EIDE and SCSI disk devices.It requires a
    · Pentium-class processor 128 MB RAM recommended & 4 Mb of free space.
    You can download the software here.

    Gdrive On Its Way - An Online Data Storage Site From Google

    News about Gdrive is not new.Its around for quite a long time now.But the recent word on Gdrive is that Google is preparing a service that would enable users to store data from their personal hard drives on its computers.
    Users would be able to house files they would normally store on personal computers - such as word-processing documents, digital music, video clips and images -- on Google's computers, the Journal said, citing sources familiar with the matter.

    The service could let users access their files through the Internet from different computers and mobile devices when they sign on using a password.

    The service could be released as soon as a few months from now.

    Google also plans to provide some free storage, with additional storage allotments avaiable for a fee. Planned pricing isn't known yet.

    I don't think that Google will take long to release Gdrive.

    Dec 1, 2007

    Yahoo Brings Adsense for Pdf

    Yahoo and Adobe have ended up in an agreement to provide contextual advertising on Pdf documents download.Users upload their PDFs to Yahoo’s ad network and then Yahoo hosts the document for download and serves up contextual advertising in a panel to the right of the given document’s content.There are mixed reactions on the introduction of this pdf advertisement.Some say that it will be great & why wasn't it introduced before.Others say it cant attract people as there is limited useage of Pdf documents.

    From :Techcrunch