Dec 20, 2007

Scan Your Pc For Viruses in Seconds - Nanoscan

Hi all,
scanning for viruses is normally very lengthy process.It takes about an hour or thirty minutes to scan your pc from viruses & trojans & spywares.Here is a website that enables you to scan your pc in seconds.Its called NanoScan.It is a project of Panda Security.You only have to go to the site & press the "NanoScan My PC" button.It Detects more than 2,720,432 Viruses,trojans & spywares.

Here is a screenshot of the scan result of my pc.And it shows that my Pc was scanned in 66 seconds.So you can also scan your pc within seconds at Nanoscan.


  1. Anonymous4:41 AM

    Thank you very much for sharing this informative information which I am searching for last 6 month. Very informative with full of article.

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