Dec 11, 2007

Orkut Changes Privacy Settings - Hide Scrapbook,Album & Testimonials

Hello Everyone,
I have a good news for Orkut user.Recently Orkut changed its privacy settings,Certainly increased privacy now.Because Orkut users now have an option to block unknown visitors to view their scrapbooks,albums,videos,testimonials & feeds.Orkut was under hammer for giving lesser privacy options.This is probably the biggest privacy change in Orkut.You can enable these settings by following these instructions.

  1. From your Orkut Homepage go to "Settings.
  2. Now Click on The Privacy Tab.
  3. Select Whatever you want to allow & whatever you don't


  1. please invent some way to hide testimonials from some of r frnz too... who r already in the frnz list... coz certain testi's dat r frnz write abt us shuld nt b read by r other frnz.. so plz help.. thnks...