Dec 16, 2007

Pakistan Blogroll - Exclusive list of Famous Pakistani Blogs

Hello everyone,
I have been thinking about posting my blogroll for quite some time now.Today i decided do it finally.Blogging in Pakistan is emerging very quickly.Every single day i witness something very unique by a Pakistani blogger.Thats why i have decided to share the list with my readers.

  • Adnan`s Crazy Blogging World
  • Ahmed Mujtaba's Blog
  • AikFard
  • Al-Baal
  • Aleem's Weblog
  • Ali Raza Sheikh
  • Ali Raza Sheikh
  • All Things Pakistan
  • Ammar's Blog
  • Anti-Climax
  • Asad Hyatt
  • At-Tazkirah: التذكرة
  • Atif Abdul Rehman
  • Ayesha's Blog
  • Back to School
  • Baithak
  • Barely average
  • Behind the Chairman's Door
  • Behind the White Coat
  • Bilal's Blog
  • Bilal's Personal
  • Blog of another looser
  • Blog off
  • Bloggers.Pakistan Developers Blog
  • Bramerz
  • Bring the Funny
  • Buzzvines
  • ByZENtine
  • Chowrangi
  • Chronicles from the windy city
  • Colors Inside My World
  • Cricket Bloggers of Pakistan
  • CrimeThink
  • Crows Nest...
  • Crybaby
  • Cyrilalmeida
  • Dehog, this is me
  • Democracy and Freedom
  • Desi Writer's Lounge
  • Desi in DC
  • Design, Photograph, Communicate
  • Dharti Pakistan
  • Digital Lounge
  • Don't Block the Blog
  • Emergency Times
  • Enter The Winter of My Discontent...
  • EyE-11
  • FOSS in Pakistan
  • Faisal Khan's Blog
  • Faisals Blog
  • Faridi Network
  • Fi Fi
  • Funbie
  • Get Mutated
  • Green & White
  • Green Sufi
  • Habitual Procrastination
  • Hakim Khalid's Blog
  • Half of what I say is meaningless..
  • Hammad Memon
  • Hasanat Kazmi's Blog
  • Have Fun!
  • Hulleye Comes By!
  • IFaqeer
  • In the Line of Wire
  • Individual Counts
  • Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations
  • Inner machinations of my mind
  • InsanelyHuman
  • Islamabad Metroblog
  • Its Just Great
  • Jahane Rumi
  • Jerry's Blogs
  • KO
  • Kahin Duur Jaab Din...
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Karachi Metroblogs
  • Khuram
  • Khurram Aziz
  • Kokaine Katha
  • Lahore Metroblogs
  • Lahore School of Economics
  • Lawanai Sparashawe
  • Legend of Ultimate Heroine
  • LiFe..
  • Life Sparkles
  • Life according to me
  • Life in Germany
  • Life in Isloo
  • LifeDotCom
  • Light Within
  • Lingo of my inner voice
  • Live Cricket
  • MB
  • Mad Gurus Blog
  • Mars on Earth
  • Masood Ahmed Shah
  • Mera Jehaan
  • Meri
  • MicroPakistan
  • My Chronicles...
  • My Evolution
  • My Yours & Our E-70
  • My cosmos...
  • My other self (Rukh-e-Aina)
  • My thoughts on the Quran
  • My treasure chest
  • My world ... in my words
  • MyLifeDump
  • Njoyment Blog
  • Non Skeptical Essays
  • Not Like Minded
  • Not the Whole Truth
  • Nothing adds up
  • Nuclear Battery
  • One Sober
  • Ovais Khan's Diary
  • Over a mile
  • Pak Tea House
  • Pak | cast
  • Pakhaana
  • Pakiez
  • Pakistan Cricket Blog
  • Pakistan Cricket Updates
  • Pakistan Next Gen Issues
  • Pakistan Policy blog
  • Pakistan Wildlife News
  • Pakistani Abysmal Ramblings
  • Pakistani Pictures
  • Pearls of an Oyster
  • Perpetual Emptiness
  • Procrastination
  • Quack! Online
  • Quratulain
  • Rabia Garib
  • Rain Drops Keep Falling
  • Ramblings from Afar
  • Random Thoughts
  • Random-x
  • Reality is Often Bitter
  • ReallyVirtual
  • Recipies Stolen from Around the World
  • Red, White and Black
  • Reflective Introspection
  • Revenge of the nerd
  • Saim's Blog
  • SalamBazar
  • Samandar-e-Bemaina
  • Samrul Zauq Chronicles
  • Saroosh
  • ScrapZilla !
  • Shafqat Khan
  • Shakirs English Blog
  • Shoaib Safdar's Urdu Blog
  • Sid's Sphere
  • Silence
  • Silsila-e-Mah-o-Saal
  • Single Ready to Mingle
  • Soach
  • Soultrips
  • Spinning Wheel
  • State of Pakistan
  • State of Telecom Industry in Pakistan
  • Stray Reflections
  • Stray Vibes
  • Suffering With Behaviours
  • Sugar N Spice
  • Sundries
  • Suspect Paki
  • Sweep the Sunshine
  • Tarique kamal
  • Tears of The Moon
  • Techno Digits
  • Teeth Maestro
  • That's so random
  • Thatta Kedona
  • The Canvas
  • The Critique Aggregator
  • The Dosti Show
  • The Glasshouse
  • The Insider Brief
  • The Land of the Pure
  • The Olive Ream
  • The Pakistani Spectator
  • The Public Toilet
  • The Road to Success
  • The Voice of an Art Freak
  • The Word of mAn[S]o0r
  • The World Has Stopped Spinning
  • Thought Stream
  • Two Straight Jaleybee Babies
  • Umair
  • Umar Siddiqi
  • Unaiza Nasim
  • Understanding Pakistan Project
  • Uzair Ahmed udass
  • Uzair's Weblog
  • Voice of a straight jalaybee
  • Waking Life
  • What Am I - میں کیا ہوں
  • What?
  • Whose The Bitch Now??
  • Why have you forsaken me?
  • Yeah.. that too..
  • You can't handle the truth!
  • Zag Talk
  • Zahra Naqvi
  • Zindagi
  • abdussamad's Blogspace
  • adnan Siddiqi
  • aiReVaj
  • fast Rising
  • iToday
  • آواز دوست
  • اردو بلاگ
  • اردو ٹیکنالوجی بلاگ
  • بدتمیز
  • جاوید اقبال کا بلاگ
  • سراب
  • نعمان کی ڈائری
  • وطن کی کہانی وطن کی زبانی
  • يوں نہ تھا ميں نے فق
  • پاکستانی
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    Not in the list??
    Let me know.You will be.


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    4. Tahir Akram11:18 AM

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    5. hey, I'm in there too! :)

      but yeah, blogging is taking off in Pakistan alright.

    6. how come they be all of em are new to me... :P

    7. hey that's me, that's me, that's me, yayyy, :D I'm so happy, although the list ain't small, oh well, what gives, i'm in it, awww geee thanks :D

      Jazak Allah!

    8. Its Ok.You are getting what you guys Deserve.Keep doing the Good Work.

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