Dec 4, 2007

Recover Deleted Data - Data Recovery Doctor

Hello all,
Have you ever deleted your files accidentally or lost some useful data due to hard disk formating,than this is a nice little software for you.
Data Doctor Recovery will recover data files and folders lost due to
over written/formatted/deleted/damaged/corrupted partitions from FAT and NTFS based operating systems such as Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/2003 from the hard disk or other storage media such as Pen drive, Floppy disk, Memory Card, Flash memory, iPODs, Zip drives, Digital cameras, mobile communicators memory card etc.

This application is an easy, safe, read-only and non-destructive data recovery software tool.

Windows data recovery software Data Recovery Doctor for Windows partition recovery is quick, simple easy to use with extremely attractive Graphical user interface (GUI) and helpful software utility tool for restoring lost or deleted partitions, files and folders.Here are some Key features of the software.

· Supports all storage media including Hard disk, Pen drive, Floppy disk, Memory Card, Flash memory, Zip drives, iPODs, Digital cameras, mobile communicators memory card
· Best Graphical user interface (GUI) for easy and quick data recovery
· In-built step-by-step data recovery help
· Recovers data lost due to overwritten, deleted, formatted, damaged or corrupted partitions in all logical crashes
· Also Recovers Data from previously Existing Partitions
· Recovers data even from Bad sectors affected storage media
· Helpful in computer Forensics
· Long File Name files and Folders recovery support
· Support for FAT VFAT FAT12 FAT16 FAT32 NTFS NTFS5 file systems
· Recovers deleted files and folders even after use of (Shift+Del) key and emptied recycle bin, lost/missing/deleted partition formatted logical drives, missing or lost files and folders
· Multi storage support( up to 128 storage media at a time ) for hard disks and/or other storage media including all IDE, SATA, EIDE and SCSI disk devices.It requires a
· Pentium-class processor 128 MB RAM recommended & 4 Mb of free space.
You can download the software here.


  1. Try-zip file recovery,application is the fact that it employs several heuristic algorithms and methods to repair zip file or recover information from damaged zip files, use of multiple algorithms allows the program to minimize data loss during zip recovery, therefore the user sees as much as possible about the files being recovered,will have to enter the password when prompted and the application will make a fix zip file attempt using the specified password,program supports Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows XP SP2, Windows 2003 and Windows Vista.

  2. I have purchased a NTFS data recovery software, what they told but actually the truth was they sold one the worst software in the market. That does not work for a single peny.I have to say this was the easiest way the owner of compamy used to make people fool.
    They promised that some data would recover in trial version but compltely lie. Actually the some group of peole working there, i have checked the links of site , and all links open the site with same pattern. Means they have only thier many of own sites for doing shameless thing. When i tried to contact them, by their email ids they were wrong ids. No telephone number was there means simple they tried to hide themsleves.

    i am techinal one so i can easily track and monitor all leagal things, when i track back to originator of the software i found url:
    Please all peoples and CNET group check this. They used totally fake and wrong address and phone numbers. What is this i lost lot of money because i was going to purchased for networking purpose. Now i will pay money from my pocket to the insitiute. So i requested to CENT group must check that.
    I also checked they have submitted much of software and all tehy have same patterns.

  3. Data Recovery
    Software is very useful to all of us and it makes place in our houses too.