May 2, 2008

Now Post Future-Dated Posts In Blogger

Hello everyone.Much was heard about scheduled posting in the past few months.And its testing was being carried out in the Blogger Draft.It now becomes live for everyone to use.Now you can set dates for future posts.And blogger will automatically publish that post on the date provided by you.

How it is going to help you though?Just wonder that you are going on a Vacation,but you still want to be regular with your Blogging so you can use this option to good effect.So how are you going to do this all.Just follow these simple steps.

  • When you have typed your post, click the “Post Options” on the post editor page toggle to show the “Post date and time” fields.
  • Just type the date & Publish your post.
  • You can view your scheduled posts in the Edit Posts list.
[Via] Picture Credit: Blogger

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