Dec 9, 2008

Reshade your Images - Reshade Image Enlarger v1.51

Reshade offers the highest quality photo enlargement available for your computer. Resize images without the usual blur, jagged edges, halos, loss of sharpness or detail associated with image enlargement. Create accurate, crisp clear and photorealistic enlargements at almost any zoom factor.

Easy-to-use self-adjusting settings, quick previews, keyboard shortcuts and drag-and-drop functionality make the Reshade photo enlargement application the perfect choice for beginners and experts alike. Resize images in many file formats including jpeg, tiff, png, bmp. Adjusting your images for print is easy, Reshade includes support for most image modes including CMYK.

Key Features
* Get crisp, clear edges at almost any zoom level
* Remove blur and refocus image edges
* Contrast and enhance image features
* Easily remove photo defects
* Go from smooth to precise contours
* Make selective edge transformations
* Extract even the finest details from your photos
* Get best color estimation with a little more processing time
* Choose between speed or better edge quality
* Enlarge images over 20x maintaining contour definition

Who Needs Reshade Image Enlarger
* Professional photographers creating gallery prints from digital photos captured with high-end cameras, having perfect focus and adequate noise levels
* Amateur photographers making posters from their favourite photos taken with low-end or camera phones having slight focus problems
* Web designers in need of resizing online graphics such as logos, illustrations, banners, drawings, diagrams
* Scientists requiring image scaling without any detail loss uses in space technology, security, medical, forensics and other applications
* Traditional art lovers taking advantage of the digital medium enlarge scans, paintings or old photos for digital storage and high resolution printing