Sep 18, 2008

"lily-livered coward" Captain Says India 'much safer' than Pak

Australian double standards in visiting Pakistan becoming more evident with every comment that is being given.Latest is from the Aussie captain who says that India is much safer than Pakistan.Here is what he has to say

Defending Cricket Australia’s decision to go ahead with India tour despite Saturday’s serial blasts, the country’s Test captain Ricky Ponting has said that there was a difference in the security situation in India and Pakistan, and that he and his team were comfortable in playing in India and not Pakistan.

“As we all know and has been outlined already, these are very different circumstances between India and Pakistan right at the moment and Cricket Australia has made that very clear. As captain of the side and as a player, right at the moment I am very comfortable to go on the advice of Cricket Australia and the players'' association,” The Australian quoted Ponting as saying.

He said that Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and independent security experts and given the go ahead for the India tour. “Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade have obviously been in very close contact with Cricket Australia over the last few days,” Ponting said.

Ponting’s comments followed an outburst from Pakistan alleging “favouritism” by Cricket Australia in proceeding with a tour of India after twice refusing to tour Pakistan this year because of safety and security concerns.[Via]
I think its time to sue Cricket Australia & demand Millions of dollars in compensation for destroying Cricket in Pakistan.It was Australia who refused to tour Pakistan Years back others were happy to tour.

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