Feb 25, 2008

Blue O2 - 3 column XML Template for Blogger

Hello everyone.Here i am again with another template.This time its a beautiful trendy Web 2.0 template.Again this O2 Blogger Template is originally a wordpress theme created by Eches,which is converted to a xml blogger template by blog and web, this template is now ready for blogger template.Its blue scheme & Web 2.0 Rounded corners look extremely beautiful.Here is a photo of this beautiful template.Take a look.

Click to Enlarge

It has blue theme with three sided columns. In the top header part you’ll find blog name and badge.Do try it.It really looks nice when you use it on your blog.Trust me!!

Download : Xml | Zip

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  1. Hi Dude
    hope you are good
    kindly watch out this
    i wanna have a three column blog template
    kindly help me to upload it with out any error