Jan 18, 2008

AVG releases second beta edition of AVG 8.0

Hello Everyone,
Two days ago Grisoft, developer of the AVG family of security software products released the second beta edition of AVG 8.O for Windows for public testing. AVG 8.0 offers a completely new multi-threaded scanning engine that combines anti-virus and anti-spyware while retaining the product’s signature small footprint and scanning efficiency. Additional protection is provided in the form of safe searching and safe surfing protection acquired through the recent purchase of Exploit Prevention Labs, rootkit detection, basic security for MSN and ICQ instant messaging, and detection of malware-infected files on websites. Windows users interested in participating in this public beta can register and download the software from AVG BETA SITE.

In the press release says

”This new version of AVG significantly extends the protection available to our users”, said Karel Obluk, chief technology officer for AVG. “We believe that this additional online protection, along with the redesigned user interface, will provide simpler, more effective protection against today’s Internet threats– real-time protection in a real-time world.”

So if you are interested in downloading this beta version of Avg you can download it from here.


  1. Anonymous5:45 PM

    I tried out the beta of 8.0. I hate the new interface and I hate how much memory one of the pieces of the program takes up. In 7.5, one piece took up about 8 megs and all the other parts took up 1mb or less. In 8.0 beta, one of the parts take up -50-mb and the others all take up more.

    The default options it comes with are a pain too. Such as the link scanner.. when I search for something on Google, I get a nice little AVG icon next to EVERYTHING that almost no matter where I put my mouse, I get a damn tool tip for.

    Needless to say I'll be sticking with 7.5 or finding a new program. I've loved AVG for a long time now but like all great programs, they keep adding and adding and bloating until there is nothing left of the simple program.

    I also found that 8.0 would lag a few of my apps while scanning through memory. No such problem with 7.5s residential scanner.

  2. Yes i agree the Latest version is not upto my expectations.