Mar 16, 2007

Microsoft chief Bill Gates to visit Pakistan

Microsoft chief Bill Gates has assured that he would visit Pakistan soon. “I have heard and read a lot about Pakistan and I am keen to be there at an early opportunity,” he said in a chat with an English daily. He was in Davos for the World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting.

Responding to a question, Gates said he had received an invitation from Pakistani leaders and he has already accepted it. As soon the schedule is finalised, he would undertake the trip. Gates said that the developing countries should devote their attention to education, alleviation of poverty and eradication of diseases. This could greatly help them to keep pace with the developed world.

“Conflicts and clashes have harmed humanity, while harmony and respect for one another is the way to achieve success and make progress,” he said. Gates said Pakistan is among those countries which are emerging on the information technology map rapidly and it will have its due place in this world soon.

Terming the ongoing reform process and development which Pakistan is making “remarkable,” he said, it would certainly pave the way for Pakistan to reach a place in the world that has been visualised by its leaders.

Gates hoped Pakistan would get it rightful position in the world of IT but it must not overlook its basic strength of agriculture and manpower. By applying modern technology in agriculture, Pakistan can bring about a revolution in its agro-economy. It must give due attention equally to industrialisation and agriculture growth.



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