Jul 16, 2007

FeedBurner Integration in Blogger

FeedBurner Integration in Blogger

If you're a blogger running a blog on the Blogger platform (a domain that's something like abcd.blogspot.com) you should take advantage of the update to Blogger's FeedBurner integration ASAP.

FeedBurner reports how many people have subscribed to your blog along with a large array of additional information about what people are reading. It also allows you to easily integrate additional features into your blog's RSS feed, such as comment counts, and action links like "Digg This" buttons.

Darren Rowse explains the benefits in a post on this subject at ProBlogger.net:

While Blogger users have been able to use FeedBurner all along, it wasn't as technically easy to do so as one would like. Because of this, I often come across Blogger powered blogs where the blogger has burned their feed and put a link to their burned feed in their sidebar, yet they didn't update the RSS URL location in their blog's HEAD tag. Because of this, they end up splitting their subscribers between two feed URLs.

This change addresses the split issue by redirecting direct subscribers through the FeedBurner URL.

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