Jul 15, 2007

Who Militarised Pakistan?

The concept of "mujahideen" was alien to Pakistan before the Afghan "jihad". Who orchestrated the Afghan "jihad"? Who recruited, trained, brainwashed and armed the people from the Pakistani north west to fight the Soviets in a proxy war for the Americans?
Throughout the eighties all we ever heard on the PTV khabarnama was in vociferous support of the "mujahideen"...Who were these people?
Many of them were Pakistanis. They were chosen because although ignorant of the world's geopolitical situation (which made them better scapegoats) they were brave warriors. They could be made to fight to death given enough motivation. The motivation came in the form of "jihad" against an enemy that threatened their brethren in Afghanistan. And hence they were pushed into the battlefield knowing little whose war they were fighting. They fought well as we all know. They won the war for the Americans. And now they had nothing more to do. They had no education, no vision, and no hope for the future.
They were abandoned by the government and their trainers, tecahers and brainwashers. Many of them sought refuge with firebrand religious organizations, for whom they would come in handy for carrying out stray killings here and for training more people. That too was ok with the Pakistani government. Till 9/11.
Once 9/11 happened, the Americans would not have the mujahideen any more. They had trained them, with the help of Pakistani military and knew what they were capable of. They were scared in the true American way. And now our very government is out to kill not only these people, anyone they might have imparted their training and brainwashing to, but is bent on bombing and eliminating from the face of the earth the whole of the Pakistani northwest.
A more cruel and inhuman scenario cannot be. These people have been kept without school, college or university. It suited the establishment better. And because of their ignorance they became cannon fodder for the American jihad. Now they are disowned, and hunted down, not only them but their children and the children of their children and anyone from the same area who as much as utters a word of retaliation against the Americanisation of the country.

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