Aug 18, 2007

India-US deal works as catalyst for Pak N- programme

With the India-US nuclear deal in mind, Pakistan has decided to accelerate its nuclear programme with President Pervez Musharraf issuing directives to scientists in this regard, Online news agency reported Saturday.

Quoting reliable sources, Online said the National Command and Control Authority had discussed in detail the matter of disturbance of strategic balance after the India-US deal and it was decided that Pakistan would continue developing its nuclear and missile programme.

The work on the Khushab reactor would be speeded up while four-five new nuclear reactors would also be installed.

The sources said the Pakistan government had rejected any US pressure in this regard and clarified that it would take all necessary steps to ensure its sovereignty and defence and the strategic balance in the region would be maintained at all costs.

The acquisition of the latest technology would also be ensured. In this regard, Musharraf has given a go-ahead to Pakistani scientists, aiming to continue the development of the country's nuclear and missile programme.

In September and October, both ballistic and cruise missiles would be tested, enhancing the strategic ability of Pakistan, military sources said.

Pakistan will also acquire assistance from countries having latest technology aiming to meet its increasing energy needs.

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