Sep 15, 2007

"Blogger Play" Tool to see images uploaded to blogger in real time

Today blogger launched Blogger Play, a neat little toy cooked up to show you photos and blog posts as you’ve never seen them before.

Shortly after Blogger launched photo uploading two years ago, one of bloggers engineers whipped up a web page that would show us the pictures that were being uploaded in real time. The result was fun, often beautiful, but above all, compelling. They couldn’t stop watching.

Over the years they’ve kept this photo scroller as part of the Blogger offices, on a monitor or projector, as an interesting (distracting?) slideshow, and a reminder of the diversity and vivaciousness of Blogger blogs. The fame of the scroller spread within Google, until one day they were asked, “so, when are you launching this?”

So here it goes blogger launches the tool that enables you to watch the pictures that are being uploaded in real time.All you have to do is click the link above than just sit back & watch.

For More details :Blogger Buzz

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