Sep 19, 2007

Yahoo Mash: A Social Network Site from Yahoo !! Free Invitations Available

Yahoo launches mash — Yet another social networking site. Let’s chalk up another place to waste some more productivity on.

Most new websites seem to at least look enticing at first glance. I’m not really sure if they could have made this look anymore less interesting.

I joined after receiving several emails that someone “created a profile” for me (which is the new way of getting an invite, apparently).You can find me Here . Of course, it’s still in beta so who knows what kind of wonderful things will roll out next. Hopefully something a little more than a freak of nature ( scribble of a pet (facebook fluff-friends?), lame questions, and only a few modules (facebook applications?) to choose from.After browsing the site a little more I managed to find a few features that were slightly entertaining. Your friends are able to update your profile for you — changing anything from the layout to adding and editing modules.

Here is how Yahoo Mash Looks like right now.It's Currently in beta so u can only sign up if are invited to join the program.Thats why i've decided to give away some free invitations.All u have to do is to comment this post with your email & i will invite to the program.


  1. Hi! I'm interested in testing this new site. My e-mail address is:

  2. U GIF INWHITE? sohaibathar at yahoo plz kk thx bai