Apr 23, 2009

Automatically Save Files to Specific Folders - Automatic Save Folder 0.9.2

This firefox add-on will help you by openning the save dialog already pointing at the right folder location according to filters you set.

The filters are based on filenames and domain's name.
This extension works with automatic file downloading and left click on a link only, no right click for the moment.

You won't need to search the good folder for hours anymore, ASF will open it for you automatically.

Note : Compatible with Firefox 3.1 beta 3

Download or proceed to its Homepage


  1. Yeah.Its a problem in these browsers they save in their default folders.

  2. One good thing about Mozilla Firefox is that it does many things for you if you automate it properly.Automatic filling in of forms,saving,google access,easy net search and a lot of other features.
    Mozilla is one of the finest browsers we have in use these days.

  3. Good innovation in a good browser, I use it as the editing of news in my blog, now would be easier to save files))