Apr 24, 2009

Internet Explorer 8 Coming via Automatic Update

Microsoft is starting to Push Internet Explorer 8 to the existing users via Windows automatic update feature.It won't install itself.Once the download is complete you will be propted by a window having the options to install it.

As it was mentioned on the IE blog

Starting on or about the third week of April, users still running IE6 or IE7 on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, or Windows Server 2008 will get will get a notification through Automatic Update about IE8. This rollout will start with a narrow audience and expand over time to the entire user base. On Windows XP and Server 2003, the update will be High-Priority. On Windows Vista and Server 2008 it will be Important.

IE8 will not automatically install on machines. Users must opt-in to install IE8. Users will see a Welcome screen that offers choices: Ask later, install now, or don’t install.


  1. It's good thing it doesn't install automatically together with the auto install program. I hate auto install.

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  3. Good news.Should not install itself.Good move by microsoft.

  4. Yep,the IE8 is really good one just below Mozilla Firefox.It has some features common to Mozilla but if you compare you would find Mozilla scoring above IE8

  5. Firefox is the best

  6. IE8 is good, but I use Opera, probably used, and why it is my retarding ((
    Automatic update is good, because no time to climb on the sites and look for the program, even on off site))