Apr 25, 2007

Belarc Advisor Current Profile Software Licenses

I have no idea how in the world Belarc Advisor and its user manage to misplace their html report, we know that it is not Belarc Advisor’s fault because the program simply generate the report without uploading it to any online server, which means it is the end user that accidentally uploaded their own reports and somehow search engines like Google and Yahoo manage to crawl and archive these pages. Therefore revealing to the entire world your Windows Vista original key or serial.
Is this something bad for the end user? Well, not really, we do know that most of these original Windows XP serial or key are OEM versions, which literally means it doesn’t work on those pirated version even if the key is valid, reason being that these valid windows key only applies to the OEM version of windows, not the professional versions.
Below is a snapshot of the results from Google:
For more information on how to search for these keys online, visit the source of this information at LiewCF. Belarc Advisor Current Profile Software Licenses.
Source : geckoandfly


  1. Anonymous4:34 AM

    did you even look at the reports?

  2. Its not his fault.They keep changing the reports.

  3. I think we need to do the Christlike thing, and not use any of the keys we find. I sure wish it was legal to use those software keys though, because I could really use a copy of Adobe Photoshop - but, I think the keys for the Mac versions are different from the PC versions, and Belarc is a PC thing. - and I have a MacBook Pro. But, you can use VirtualBox to run WIndows or linux virtually!