Apr 25, 2007

Fotowoosh - 2D to 3D within seconds!!!!

TechCrunch has a brand new article about a brand new service named Fotowoosh, which is said to make a 2D image into a 3D visualization!

It is a service from Maryland based startup - Freewebs. Fotowoosh will turn ANY image (better with outdoor images) into a 3D visualization. The 3D image is constructed in Virtual Reality Modeling Language(VRML), a format which may require you to have a VRML reader, but hopefully later browsers will integrate it into their systems.
A good VRML client(or the only one I could find) is Cortona. Its free to use, and the 2MB extension is available for all major browsers - IE, Firefox, Netscape, Opera etc.
I’ve applied for a beta tester invite… Hope I receive it so that I can really check this thing out Meanwhile, you can check out the demos they have on their site… Freewebs raised $11 million in venture capital last August. I’ve used Freewebs before, and found it to be crap Fotowoosh might be a great venture to bring up their reputation among the more experienced cycle, and not just newbies.
TechCrunch also reports that Microsoft has been working on something similar, christened Photosynth. Ofcourse, this has been in the news for around 1 and a half years now

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  1. Great work in your blog! they are incredible! it seems so difficult to do those creations as you do... the color stuff is awesome and the graphics too, this last post looks like 3D and it'd be nice if you can add something about it because I'm so interesting in this point.