May 21, 2007

Aamir Khan turns director by default

It was not so much out of conscious choice than the lack of an accomplished director that prompted Aamir Khan to direct his home production 'Taare Zameen Pe'.

It is no secret that Aamir has long harbored an ambition to direct a movie someday. But how this ambition would realize, he himself had not suspected.

When Aamir decided to produce ‘Taare Zameen Pe’, a children’s movie, he let the film’s writer Amol Gupte don the director’s cap. Aamir was happy producing the film and acting in it.

But some creative differences cropped when Aamir saw the rushes of the film that Gupte had directed. Reports have it that Aamir was disappointed by Gupte’s directorial skills. He brought this issue with Gupte and the latter decided to step down.

Then lay ahead the big decision: who would direct the film if not Gupte? The work was already in swing, the child artistes were finalized and everything was set for shooting. Delaying would have meant a loss to the production company.

Left with no options, Aamir decided to direct the movie himself. However, the actor did much deliberation before taking the decision because it is difficult to produce and direct a movie while also acting in it.

But Aamir took the challenge. Today, the film’s shooting is complete and postproduction work remains to be done.

Aamir says ‘Taare Zameen Pe’ will be his only release this year. The film tells the story of a teacher and a dyslexic child. Child artiste Darsheel Safary plays the role.

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