May 26, 2007


The European Parliament on Thursday passed with overwhelming majority the Baroness Emma Nicholson report on Kashmir criticizing the human rights situation in the Pakistani side of Kashmir.
Prior to the debate on the report at the plenary session of the European Parliament, Baroness Nicholson responded to a letter which she had received from Saeed Khalid, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the European Union.

The report, which despite efforts from many quarters over many months has remained largely anti-Pakistan and pro-India, refutes Pakistan’s historic position on the Northern Areas as responding to Ambassador Khalid’s contention that the Northern Areas of Pakistan were never a part of Jammu and Kashmir, and that the Siachen Glacier formed a part of the Northern Areas, Baroness Nicholson said that she could not ‘commend’ the Pakistan government’s ‘new position’ to the European Parliament.She claimed that she had rigorously revisited her earlier research on the geography and history of the region, including checking of maps, treaties, historic documents and speeches from 1846 till date, and had come to the conclusion that the Northern Areas belonged to the sovereignty of Kashmir.On the issue of Siachen Glacier as well, Ms Nicholson showed her Indian leanings and said that she could not incorporate Pakistan’s viewpoint on the issue that the Siachen Glacier belonged the Northern Areas into the final report, as the “issue only found small mention in the report, and new section would have to be created to adopt the eleven paragraphs of information provided by Islamabad”.

Certainly the report is labelled as bieng critical of the human rights situation in the Pakistani side of Kashmir but serves other designs.
The following facts indicate otherwise the claims of the report.


Kashmir as it can be searched from various records was a Mughul summer retreat and was occupied by the British when Mughul power dwindeled. It wasn’t of their interest other than a summer retreat and hill station (As China was not that powerful so as to threaten them and Russia could not think of braving the Himalayas to attack British India.
They later sold it to a Dogra Sikh rulersfor Rs. 700000 after frequent change of hands of rulers from Ranjit Singh to British occupation and finally Treaty of Amritsar upon which it was sold .
Gilgit was a princely Muslim State which has a great History.
Gilgit was ruled for centuries by the local Trakane Dynasty, which came to an end in about 1810. The area descended into internecine turmoil before being occupied by the Sikhs in 1842. It was ceded to Jammu in 1846. Gilgit's inhabitants drove their new rulers out in an uprising in 1852. The Khushwakhte Dynasty of Yasin and gulapure led the people of Gilgit to drive out the Dogras. After Yasin was conquered by the Katur Dynasty of Chitral the power of the Khushwakhte was crushed. The rule of Jammu was restored in 1860 but was never fully secured. Gilgit came under British rule in 1889, when it was unified with neighboring Nagar and Hunza in the Gilgit Agency. When British rule came to an end in 1947, the region was handed over to Kashmir against the whishes of the people.

Baltistan is a region to the north of Kashmir, bordering Xinjiang Autonomous Region of China. It is situated in the Karakoram mountains just to the south of K2, the world's second highest mountain. It is an extremely mountainous region, with an average altitude of over 3,350 m (11,000 ft). It is inhabited principally by Balti Muslims of Tibetan descent who converted from Tibetan Buddhism prior to the 16th Century.
Baltistan was an independent state but was occupied by the Raja (King) of Kashmir in the ninteenth century. In 1947 when India and Pakistan gained independence, it was still occupied by Kashmir. Now the region is divided between India and Pakistan. The districts of Skardu (Skardo) and Ganche) which is a part of Pakistan Administered Kashmir (PAK), is a disputed territory claimed by both India and Pakistan, but controlled by Pakistan.
Siachen Glacier is glacier located in the region known to the world as “The Third Pole”.
It has been accessed by people all over the world from Pakistani side and is rightly claimed by it as there is no natural way upto the glacier except from Pakistan.

As Far as Gilgit and Baltistan are concerned, they were ceded forcefully by an Occupying Dogra King of Kasmir but could not remain in control for long of the two regions.
People revolted and drove the occupiers out.
They too are only accesible from land naturally by Pakistan and correctly fall on the British rule of Partition that
i)Religion of mojority population
ii)Natural access to the proposed states of India or Pakistan.
And Kashmir we all know how it was given to India by the British awarding committee by providing a Muslim Majority District of Punjab Gurdaspur , a natural way to Kashmir by land, and the rest is history.

This side of the story has been never told by the Indians to their children and niether by British their as well and they continue to harp on a string they don’t know how to harp melodiously.

Baroness Emma Nicholson claimed that she had rigorously revisited her earlier research on the geography and history of the region, including checking of maps, treaties, historic documents and speeches from 1846 till date. Clearly she is validating the Sikh acceding and the British involvement.
What she forgot was the fact that the facts before 1846 also fall in the category of meaningful history.
My question to the respected Baroness Emma Nicholson who is a member of British house of Lords She is a Member of the European Parliament, where she is Vice President of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Member of the Subcommittee on Human Rights
Is that
1)What do you call ceding without consent of the public?
2)If people try to force their will what are they called?
3)Is the will of people more powerful than the will of the individual ruler?
I am sure if she can answer al these questions correctly she will know how to report the truth correctly.
About EU the less said the better, but one thing can be said safely that they are just like Hindu traders i.e. only do what favours themselves.


  1. Actually you have posted a very nice & detailed post.Nice to see someone able to criticize "Baroness Nicholson" on being Biased.But my dear friend I am not so sure about the three questions being asked to "Baroness Nicholson".Let's review your questions.

    1)What do you call ceding without consent of the public?

    2)If people try to force their will what are they called?

    3)Is the will of people more powerful than the will of the individual ruler?

    We have no right to ask these questions to a stranger.We should check if our "VERY OWN" President Gen.Pervaiz Musharraf can reply any of these.

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