May 1, 2007

Belarc Advisor Current Profile Software Licenses for Windows Vista ,Xp & Other Softwares

I don't know how Belarc Advisor and its users misplaced their html reports, And let me make this very clear that it is not Belarc Advisor’s fault because the program simply generate the report without uploading it to any online server,Its the users uploaded their own reports and popular search engines like Google and Yahoo crawled and archive these pages.Revealing to the world theri Windows Vista original key or serial.

But there is still some hope.We do know that most of these original Windows XP serial or key are OEM versions, which means it doesn’t work on those pirated version even if the key is a valid one, reason being that these valid windows key only applies to the OEM version of windows, not the professional versions.

Here is an image from Google:

belarc advisor windows vista xp serial key original valid

So how to search for these keys online, visit the source of this information at LiewCF. Belarc Advisor Current Profile Software Licenses.


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