Apr 7, 2008

After all they Were "Badshahs" !!

After all the expected thing happened yet again.Lahore Badshahs lost the second final of ICL's Edelweiss 20s Challenge's Trophy too.It was a tight game which ended in a tie,resulting in a bowl out.And historically Pakistani players are not good at bowl out.Same thing happened here as well.The question is "When you prepare for a twenty 20 game are you ready for a bowl out?I am not sure that any practice is ever done even in the case of our national side.It also shows the lack of confidence in our players.I don't take anything away from them what they've done in the entire tournament.They were the most feared team.But They can't hold their nerves in crunch moments.Rana Naveed's last over was not good at all.Overstepping twice & a wide ball as well.Bottom line is this that These cricketers are from our land & no matter where they play they represent Pakistan.Making same mistakes again & again shows the lack of professionalism in our cricket structure.People "Badshahs" in Pakistan are "Badshahs" everywhere.

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