Apr 20, 2008

Automatically Bring up the Context Menu in Firefox

Hello everyone.Right clicking & bringing up the context menu in Mozilla firefox takes a long time.And this is an act that is performed quite frequently.So it will be quite time saving for you if this Context menu appears automatically whenever highlight some text on a site.All you need to do to start using this is install Auto Context extension in Firefox.The menu that automatically appears will be Completely customizable which is a great opportunity to break free of the menu items that you never use.The menu

As you’ll notice in the screenshot above this extension also makes performing a search faster by listing all of your search engines in their own menu. Your default search engine is show as its own entity, but again this is all customizable in the options.Here is an overview of the features that can be used by installing this Add-on.
  • The auto-popup function can be disabled
  • Some functions of the selected extension(s) will be available in the showed popup menu.
    Supported extensions in the latest version: Plain Text to Link, Open-Tran, BabelZilla Glossary Extension , SearchWith, Organize Search Engines, Add to search bar, Nuke Anything Enhanced, DownThemAll
  • Copy, Copy as HTML, Copy as real HTML, Cut, Select All, View Selection Source
    Open as URL (In this Tab, In new window, In new Tab, In new Selected Tab, In Selected Window)
    "Search with: Current engineName", "Search with... Choose from Installed Engines"
  • Paste selection to Search Bar (set in Search tab)
  • The opened webpages with 'Open as URL' is possible to add into Urlbar History
  • Show 'Auto Context' item in Firefox's context menu if text is selected
  • Show Auto Context Popup for editable text in textbox.
You Can download this Add-on from here.

[Via] Image credit from here as well.

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