Oct 28, 2007

Donwload "Internet Explorer 7" Without WGA Check

Donwload "Internet Explorer 7 " Without WGA Check

Hi all,
If you are fond of browsing on Microsoft's internet browser "Internet Explorer 7 " and can't use it due to the WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) check.Then i have a good news for you.Now Microsoft allows you to download a special version which is without the WGA check.Microsoft has done this to stop the increasing dominance of "Mozilla Firefox".
If you want to download this version of Internet explorer 7 you can download it here.


  1. even in this new version, it still sucks. just use firefox, no wga shit or anything.

  2. Well i feel you are being a little harsh.This article is Not comparing it with firefox.All it is doing is to provide people a WGA free download link.

  3. Wery nice brouser!

  4. Landa4:46 PM

    I am currently doing my GCSE DIDA coursework on E-safety. I was wondering if i could use your internet explorer logo on my leaflet i have got to make as part of my coursework. Thank-you i would be very greatful if you would let me.
    My email address is Lauandaim@hotmail.co.uk