Oct 25, 2007

Google Killing the Link Farms - Pages Across the Web Lose PR

Hello everyone,
If you are a blogger and are wondering "What the hell happened to my blog's Page Rank"?Then i have a news for you.Google has started taking action against the website & blogs which were regarded as the link farms.
Yes you read it right linking to each others site was once a great think to do for the PR of the blog.But not anymore.Actually off late a sudden drop in the page ranks was seen across the web.Now the word has come from Google that it is penalizing websites, mostly blogs for putting up sponsored text links from their pages and posts.And this was made possible by the revolutionary Google Page Rank technology.For example a paid blogger posts a review or a blog post about their clients, for a small commission. And links came a number of blogs (By Cheating) - small and big, low PR and high PR, low traffic and high traffic. And Google PR was helping all that because it was designed to do so. So these tricky websites, which was supposed to have low PR because of negative factors, ended up with high PRs because of all the link manipulation that was going on. Thus, Google’s search was effectively manipulated with money, and thus the search results were also manipulated.The funny part is this that some of the sites are completely removed from the Google index.Form Example John Chow.

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