Jun 6, 2008

Free File Encryption - Flexcrypt

Some files & folders are of great importance.You don't everyone to get a sneak peak of the files you have in that folder.There are several utilities available in the market which can hide a folder for you or provide password protection to it.Flexcrypt is software that enables you to encrypt a file or folder.

Here is the official word from the makers,

Flexcrypt Folder enables you to encrypt a file or a folder. After installation, right-click on a file/folder and select Encrypt with Flexcrypt folder, make up a password, thats it.Decryption is done by double-clicking on the encrypted file and enter the correct password.
There are two main advantages of Flexcrypt.
  1. It does'nt need any software to decrypt an encrypted file, you just have to click the encrypted file with the right password.
  2. It's free for use.
If you want to try Flexcrypt please proceed to Flexcrypt Homepage.


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  1. Anonymous2:06 PM

    This was exactly what I needed, thank you!