Jun 4, 2008

Inquisitor For Firefox - Try Peers

All modern day Web browsers have a little search box present near their address bar.That's for searching over the internet in some popular Search Engines like Google,Yahoo & Live Search.
Similarly in Firefox a search box is present for quick searching.But it may still take a little time.I mean type in your query & then visit a website on the result page.Here is a much faster searching solution for you.

Peers is a handy add-on for Firefox.Peers provides real time previews for your search bar. It makes your web experience much more comfortable.So that you can directly visit the site without going to the result page.You can install peers from Here.

Note:Works with Firefox 2

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  1. Firefox is for me one the best browsers in the market, it can handle lots of open pages, it is very stable and secure.