Nov 29, 2007

Get your 50GB of Online Storage - Adrive

Hello Everyone,
We are becoming quite familiar to Online storage sites now.But let me tell you this one is very unique as it provides you online storage of 50GB.Yes yes!!! 50GB.The site is called Adrive.

ADrive serves as a centralized, online location for all file types including photos, videos, music and more. Following the beta stage, users will continue to receive 50GB of free storage with the option to purchase premium plans. The premium plans will offer increased storage volume and enhanced service features such as additional file-sharing and backup functionalities.

ADrive is revolutionizing online data storage and backup by offering more free storage on the internet than any other provider. As the demand for file accessibility increases, web-based storage is becoming the leading platform to meet these needs.

ADrive is led by a team of industry-leading data storage and networking experts and operates using enterprise-level hardware and software technologies. Learn more about this new online file storage and backup service at Adrive.

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  1. I recently signed up and it seems reliable. ADrive's free 50GB of storage still reigns supreme.