Nov 6, 2007

Google Introduces Android - A Platform for mobile devices

Google Introduces Android - A Platform for mobile devices

Hello Everybody,
I know you must have heard the Word "Gphone".It came to us when Google broke the news that they will introduce a mobile device.Its coming but its not a mobile device.But something much bigger then that.It is called Android.Android is the first truly open and comprehensive platform for mobile devices. It includes an operating system, user-interface and applications -- all of the software to run a mobile phone, but without the proprietary obstacles that have hindered mobile innovation. We have developed Android in cooperation with the Open Handset Alliance, which consists of more than 30 technology and mobile leaders including Motorola, Qualcomm, HTC and T-Mobile. Through deep partnerships with carriers, device manufacturers, developers, and others, we hope to enable an open ecosystem for the mobile world by creating a standard, open mobile software platform. We think the result will ultimately be a better and faster pace for innovation that will give mobile customers unforeseen applications and capabilities.

For more details :Google Blog

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