Nov 11, 2007

"The Simpsons Game" Hits the stands

"The Simpsons Game" Hits the stands

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A video game that parodies the video game industry -- based on a hit TV show that makes use of pop culture to make fun of pop culture! That's Electronic Arts' latest iteration, "The Simpsons Game" for you
The game finally hit the stands earlier this week, and is already winning huge applause for precisely nailing the humour and irreverent wit that is the trademark of 'The Simpsons' show.
"The Simpsons Game" is really that -- the Simpsons are living inside of a video game.

You find Bart chasing a giant ape through a video game factory. The same Bart changes himself into a 'Bartman' a la 'Batman'. Lisa can move objects with her 'Hand of Buddha'. At the same time, she manages to destroy an entire logging camp.

So there you have one of the very few games that manages to capture the very essence -- soul -- spirit of its franchise.

EA sources said one of the big challenges was to make the levels look and feel like TV episodes. The writers of the original TV show came up with some 8,000 lines of dialogue for this purpose. The game developers also chipped-in. They had to create 3D characters while maintaining their cartoony appeal.

As "The Simpsons Game" adds on to the existing catalogue of over 20 'Simpsons' titles, it hopes to build on two more milestones for the franchise: one, the 400th episode of the TV show, and two, the long-awaited movie adaptation.

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