Nov 29, 2007

Get your 50GB of Online Storage - Adrive, an online data storage and backup company, introduced its new public file sharing feature today. ADrive users are now able to share any of their files in their ADrive account instantly with friends, family, anyone they choose, while keeping their unshared files private.

ADrive users can choose to share their file after the upload process by clicking on the ‘share’ button. This generates a unique URL that the user can then share with anyone they choose. The recipients of these shared files may click on the URL link to view or download the file. At anytime, ADrive users can unshare their shared files by clicking on the ‘unshare’ button, making the file private once again. All files not being shared are protected from the public’s view.

This new file sharing feature allows ADrive users to link and share their ADrive files from web pages, blogs, and social-networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Friendster.

This new feature is convenient for sharing large files such as videos, photos, music, and documents that exceed the limit to be emailed. This file sharing feature will save users time, help avoid any unwanted email bounce-backs, and make their files accessible to those they choose at any time. offer users 50gb of free online data storage.

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